Enabling a prosperous local economy with thriving towns and villages.

We will

  • Facilitate sustainable development that takes into account social, economic and environmental factors, including protection of the Green Belt
  • Support new and existing businesses to thrive and achieve their growth aspirations
  • Lead the transformation of Leatherhead town centre and drive the implementation of Opportunity Dorking, while supporting initiatives that bolster other high streets, local businesses and rural areas
  • Promote opportunities for local people to develop their skills in order to access suitable employment

Related projects

The new Local Plan is progressing to the next stage of the independent examination, overseen by a government appointed inspector. As we move forward, the inspector asked us to engage in consultations regarding what we call Main Modifications to the emerging Local Plan. These adjustments are deemed necessary by the inspector to ensure the Plan meets the standards for adoption and implementation.

Once adopted, the Local Plan will play a pivotal role in addressing the nationwide housing crisis, in addition to addressing the following key areas:

  • Affordable Housing: Larger housing sites will now allocate 40% for affordable housing, including social rented homes.
  • Shopping Frontages: Local policies will guide the preservation of shopping areas
  • Character and Design: Expect new and strengthened policies to ensure developments are in line with desired character and design standards.
  • Locally Listed Buildings: 236 new buildings will receive local listing status for their architectural or historical significance.
  • Local Green Space: 27 new areas will be designated as local green spaces for community.
  • Zero Carbon Homes: All new large housing projects will be required to meet zero carbon standards.
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Points: Each new dwelling will have at least one electric vehicle charging socket installed.
  • Parking: Minimum parking standards will be set, ensuring adequate parking availability.
  • Biodiversity Net Gain: A target of 20% biodiversity net gain will be pursued in development projects.
  • Temporary School Classes: Additional temporary school classes will be provided as needed to accommodate growing student populations.
  • Primary Care Facilities: New or expanded primary care facilities will be established to meet community needs.
  • Public Open Spaces: New publicly accessible open spaces will be created for recreational use.
  • Children’s Play Areas: Development of new children’s play areas will provide recreational opportunities for families.
  • Early Years’ Facilities: Provision of new early years’ facilities will support young children’s development and care needs.
  • Gypsies and Travellers: New housing developments will include provisions for new pitches to accommodate Gypsies and Travellers.
  • Community Hubs: Existing community hubs will be enhanced, and new ones will be established to foster community connections.
  • Transport Improvements: Various transport improvements will be implemented to enhance accessibility and connectivity within the area.

Pippbrook House, with its rich history and architectural significance, stands as a cherished landmark within our campus.

However, the aging roof requires urgent refurbishment to protect the building from weather conditions. We have submitted a planning application and works to the roof are planned for later this year. In addition, we are actively seeking funding to undertake further works and ensure the long-term preservation of this iconic building.

Alongside the refurbishment efforts, we are exploring new management options for Pippbrook House to further contribute to the regeneration of the property.

Demolition of the Foundry site is underway and should be completed by summer 2024. From there, the plan is to build a modern, mixed-use development.

We’ll be engaging with our communities through a public consultation, once we have a clear view of what options are available. 

The Joint Venture agreement with Kier Property (covering the Bull Hill and Swan Centre projects) was signed in October 2023 and ground surveys followed.

The first stage of public engagement is planned for this spring.

Last year residents had the opportunity to share their views on the initial ideas for the Riverside area and we have also identified a specialist developer for Claire House and James House. 

Over the past three years, the Mole Valley Employment and Skills Hub, based at the Swan Centre in Leatherhead, with the help of grant funding from the Department for Work and Pensions, has helped hundreds of residents.

This year, using funding provided by MVDC from the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, we will continue to provide initiatives such as jobs fairs, digital skills advice, and cost of living events. 

Mole Valley for Business continues to offer a range of free measures to support businesses across the district, including 1-2-1 advice sessions, networking events and business leaders’ forums.

In 2024, frequent business networking events featuring industry expert speakers will take place at a variety of venues across Mole Valley. 

Grove Road car park in Ashtead will receive a facelift – more details will be confirmed later this year. Car park users can expect a new surface, signage, improved drainage, and pedestrian access. 


Objectives and Performance

2024/25 Annual Plan ObjectiveCabinet Portfolio
12. Continue to work towards adoption of the Local Plan as required and when adopted, commence work on Supplementary Planning Documents as set out in the Local Development SchemeCouncillor Margaret Cooksey
13. Deliver a grant programme to enable organisations to support those setting up, or growing their business, and also provide funding for individual businesses to help start-up and growthCouncillor Paula Keay
14. Achieve the 2024/25 milestones for Transform Leatherhead:

  • Progress phase 1 of the Riverside project.
  • Joint Venture – implement the 2024/25 Annual Business Plan to include consultation and preparation of hybrid planning application, including detailed design for Phase 1 of the scheme.
Councillor Keira Vyvyan-Robinson
15. Achieve the 2024/25 milestones for Opportunity Dorking:

  • Undertake essential repairs to ensure that Pippbrook House is weather tight.
  • Continue to seek funding and explore management options for Pippbrook House.
  • Progress the regeneration of the Foundry/Church Street site through submission of a full planning application for mixed use redevelopment and tender for construction.
Councillor Paula Keay
16. Undertake master planning of Dorking and Bookham centres to articulate a long term vision for the areas, establish priorities for investment /infrastructure and assist in attracting external fundingCouncillor Stephen Cooksey
17. Undertake car park refurbishments on either Wathen Road, Dorking or Grove Road, AshteadCouncillor Keira Vyvyan-Robinson
18. Fund employment and skills programmes across the District with a particular emphasis on North Leatherhead and North Holmwood, combining self-confidence and mentoring support for all ages with practical skills for employment, becoming self-employed or starting a businessCouncillor Paula Keay
 2024/25 Cabinet Performance IndicatorTarget 2024/25
17. The extent to which Transform Leatherhead is considered to be making progress towards the Masterplan vision (1 being not at all and 5 very well)4
18. Percentage of major planning application decisions overturned at appealLess than 10%
19. Housing Land Supply 4 years