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We are a dynamic and progressive local authority known for effective partnership working and taking the lead on service transformation and new ways of working.

This is currently evidenced by, amongst other things:

Our Council Strategy is one of our most strategic documents.

It shapes the work we do and sets out what is most important and where the focus will be directed during the life of the strategy.

Employee benefits

We offer a fantastic range of benefits for employees, from the Local Government Pension Scheme, to flexible working plus a variety of training facilities.

Equality and diversity

We are committed to equality of opportunity in service delivery and employment.

Our objectives are:

  • to be a fair employer
  • to create a cohesive community
  • that all residents benefit from council services
  • that all residents have the opportunity to get involved in decision making

Armed Forces and Reservists

We are supportive of employing those who have previously served, or are currently serving, in the Armed Forces.

More information can be found on the Armed Forces Community Covenant page.


Public Sector Targets

Public sector bodies with 250 or more staff have a target set by the government to employ an average of at least 2.3% of their staff as new apprentice starts each year.

As a public sector body we must:

1. Report our data annually (see reporting percentages table).

2. Explain how we have had regard to the target, including the actions we have taken to challenge obstacles preventing us from meeting the target.

MVDC Reporting Percentages2017-182018-192019-202020-21
Percentage of apprenticeship starts (both hires and existing employees who started an apprenticeship) as a proportion of employment starts 1 April to 31 March7.32%7.35%11.11%2.50%
Percentage of total headcount that were apprentices on 31 March1.10%2.79%3.32%2.62%
Percentage of apprenticeship starts (both new hires and existing employees who started an apprenticeship) between 1 April to 31 March1.08%1.83%2.5%0.33%

Apprenticeships at MVDC

We continue to work hard to meet the public sector targets for new apprenticeships.

We do this by engaging with local school and colleges, advertising all apprentice opportunities through the our recruitment website and social media channels, as well as identifying new and upcoming apprenticeship courses in specialist and hard to fill roles.

Whilst the government targets are important to us what we are truly passionate about is providing opportunities for staff to develop and learn through work.

The apprenticeship scheme offers us greater opportunities to match passion to post. We continue to actively recruit to apprenticeship roles and have a range of exciting opportunities to join our fast growing apprenticeship cohort.

If you know of someone who may be interested in an apprenticeship with us, visit our recruitment website to see what’s on offer.