Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles

There are two different types of licensed vehicle in Mole Valley.

Taxis (or hackney carriages)

  • can be hired on the street or at taxi ranks
  • display a roof sign that says ‘TAXI’ or ‘For Hire’
  • do not need to be pre-booked
  • have a yellow licence plate on the rear bumper of the vehicle
  • have a smaller yellow plate inside the vehicle on display

Private hire vehicles

  • are not permitted to have a roof sign that displays ‘TAXI’ or ‘FOR HIRE’
  • bookings made through a licensed operator
  • display a red licence plate on the rear bumper
  • fares agreed in advance and relayed to the driver who picks you up
  • must be pre-booked before they can be used

You will need to license the vehicle. Contact for an application form.

If you are licensing a hackney carriage for the first time it will need to be wheelchair accessible. A private hire vehicle does not need to be wheelchair accessible for licensing.

Any new licensed vehicle will need to be six years old or younger.

If the journey takes the taxi outside Mole Valley, the driver must still charge in accordance with the scales below unless agreed otherwise before the journey has started.

The driver for the cab is required to conspicuously wear an identity badge.

Mileage rates may only be charged from point of pick up.

The meter must be engaged at the commencement of the hire and the fare on the meter must clearly be visible to passengers at all times.

Rate 1: General effect

  • first 3/4 of a mile (1320 yards) or part thereof: £3.90
  • each subsequent 141 yards or part thereof: +20p
  • each 41 seconds or part thereof: +25p

Example (does not include waiting times or extra):

  • 1 mile – £4.70
  • 2 miles – £7.10
  • 5 miles – £14.70
  • 10 miles – £27.10

Rate 2: Late evening, Sunday and Bank Holiday

1.5  x Rate 1

  • 11pm to 7.30am, Monday to Saturday
  • 11pm Saturday to 7.30am Monday
  • all Bank Holidays (except Christmas and New Year)

Rate 3: Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve

2  x Rate 1

  • 6pm Christmas Eve to midnight Christmas Day
  • 6pm New Year’s Eve to midnight New Year’s Day

Extra charges

Each passenger in excess of two: 35p

Booking charge for hire involving a separate journey to pick up a hirer: +£1

For more information email

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