Supplementary Planning Documents, Guidance and Policy Statements

The Statement of Community Ivolvement and Local Development Scheme can be viewed on the Adopted Planning Policy Documents webpage.

Affordable Housing

The Affordable Housing SPD sets out in detail our approach to the implementation of the Core Strategy Policy CS4: The Provision of Affordable Housing.

This is an important document for all those considering new housing development in Mole Valley.

Further information can also be found on the CIL and Affordable Housing Contributions page.

Built-Up Areas Character Appraisal

The Built-Up Areas Character Appraisal SPD (2010) provides a character appraisal for the five main built-up areas in Mole Valley:

  • Ashtead
  • Bookham
  • Fetcham
  • Dorking (including North Holmwood and Pixham)
  • Leatherhead

Designing Out Crime

The Designing Out Crime SPD (2011) promotes a practical and co-ordinated approach to development management, highlighting best practice in the field of community safety and designing out crime.


The Landscape SPD (2013) identifies important characteristics of the landscape throughout Mole Valley, focusing on rural areas and landscape setting of towns and villages.

The SPD provides general guidance on landscape issues and how they should be addressed by developers and those responding to planning applications. It will assist with the implementation Core Strategy Policy CS13: Landscape Character.

Larger Rural Village Character Appraisal

The Larger Rural Village Character Appraisal SPD (2013) covers six villages:

  • Beare Green
  • Brockham
  • Capel
  • Charlwood
  • Hookwood
  • Westcott

It analyses the character and landscape setting of each village, as well as providing general guidance on character issues.

It will assist with the implementation Core Strategy Policy CS14: Townscape, Urban Design and the Historic Environment.

Conservation Area Appraisals and Management Plans

We have produced four heritage appraisal documents for guidance purposes:

Design Guidance for House Extensions

We have published Design Guidance for House Extensions (2000) to help to achieve well designed house extensions.

Mole Gap to Reigate Escarpment Special Area of Conservation

The Mole Gap to Reigate Escarpment Special Area of Conservation (SAC) is an area of Europe-wide significance for its nature conservation value.

It covers 888 hectares of the North Downs, including Norbury Park, Headley Heath, White Down and Box Hill.

Further development in the vicinity of the SAC needs to be carefully managed to ensure important features are not placed at risk by increased recreational pressure.

For this reason, Core Strategy Policy CS15 safeguards a buffer zone extending 800m beyond the boundary of the SAC.

Within the buffer zone, there is ‘a presumption against any increase in residential or employment related development unless its impact can be mitigated’.

The Special Area of Conservation Guidance Note applies to development within the buffer zone as well as to major developments just beyond the buffer zone.

The guidance identifies the main risks to the special nature conservation interests, the information that should be provided with planning applications, and the steps we will take to make sure proposed development does not harm the SAC.

Shopfronts and Advertisements

We have produced a supplementary planning guidance on shopfronts and advertisements (1999) to help ensure good design can flourish and that local character is protected.

Trees on Development Sites

Trees are a vital and integral component of the built environment therefore when considering proposals for development it is important to take into account the effect such proposals may have on existing trees and explore opportunities for new planting.

The Trees on Development Sites Supplementary Guidance Note provides a more comprehensive resume of the particular requirements we are likely to have regarding trees on development sites.

The guidance also details the ways in which we will seek to maintain and enhance the contribution trees make to the quality of the built environment.

Vehicular and Cycle Parking

Surrey County Council is the Highways Authority for Mole Valley providing guidance on highways issues including parking.

They have produced Vehicular and Cycle Parking Guidance which sets out parking standards and levels of parking provision expected from new developments.

Policy Statement for 1-41 Lower Road, 33-35 Lower Road and 2 The Mount, Fetcham

We adopted a Policy Statement for 1-41 Lower Road, 33-35 Lower Road and 2 The Mount, Fetcham in 2002 (a map is included in the Policy Statement).

This Policy Statement does not have the status of a Local Plan policy or SPD, however was formally adopted by the us following a public consultation process and it is regarded as a material consideration in the consideration of planning applications in the affected area.

The Policy Statement is therefore made available for those making or commenting on planning applications.

Interim Policy Statement on Employment Land

The Interim Policy Statement on Employment Land takes into account as a material consideration in the determination of planning applications.