Planning a Street Party

Street parties are a great way for neighbours to get to know each other, communities to come together and for lasting friendships to be made.

Closing the road

To close a public road for a street party, you will need our permission.

You do not need permission to close a private road, but it is recommended to consult with all residents and ensure that there is access for emergency vehicles.

Email to advise us of an event on a private road.

Apply for an Event Road Closure ›

Plan ahead

Small street parties take place in one or two streets and are for neighbours only. The Communities and Local Government website offers a useful guide to organising a street party.

Planning a large public event? See Organising a Large Public Event.

Things to consider

Plan in advance – involve everyone and ensure that all impacted residents and businesses are consulted. You may also need to consider the impact of a road closure on any residents who receive care at home.

Agree timings – for safety reasons, it is recommended that the street party finishes in daylight hours.

Reduce the impact on resident and businesses avoid closing long stretches of road.

When considering the diversion route, ensure that it is on similar sized roads and obtain signage. More information on signage, we have limited signage available, email All signs must conform to the Traffic Signs Manual Chapter 8.

You will need to ensure that the emergency services can still get down the street if they need to. If the road you want to close is on a bus route, you will also need to contact the bus company as a diversion may be required.

If the road is covered by parking permits, you will need to consult all permit holders within the parking zone. This may involve consulting with residents on the surrounding streets.

If you are organising a neighbourhood street party where you will bring your own food, alcohol and music, you do not need a licence. If you are planning an event where the sale of alcohol will take place, or amplified music will be played, you will need to purchase a Temporary Event Notice 

If you would like to hang bunting over or along the roadside or from street lighting, you will need to get permission from SCC six weeks in advance. You will also need to get permission from Surrey County Council for attaching lighting to street lamps.

Clear up afterwards

Be aware of noise for those who are not participating

Read our FAQ’s, these will help with your planning.


There are are no costs.

We expects all applicants to understand that they meet the costs of any responsibilities they must undertake to comply with the ‘Conditions of a Road Closure‘.