Organising a Street Party FAQs

This guidance sets out what you need to think about, and answers questions to some of the myths that you may have come across.

If you wish to apply to hold a street party and close the road you will need to complete an online application form.

Public Liability Insurance

You might want to make sure you are covered in case something goes wrong and someone makes a claim against you.

It is the organiser’s responsibility to do everything in their power to prevent accidents occurring.

Spend a little time thinking about the planned activities and any hazards that might occur and take the appropriate measures to reduce the risks.

Draft a site plan which should include emergency access points.

Cul-de-sacs and quiet roads that are not through roads are fairly straight forward and you will need to apply for a Temporary Road Closure Order by completing the above road closure application form.

Please make sure that access for emergency services must be provided at all times. There is no cost for this. If the road is a main road and a bus route you will need to supply a traffic management plan, signage plan and ensure that the bus companies have been consulted.

The council has a limited quantity of road signs which may be available to borrow, email 

Please enquire as early as possible as on days of national celebration or remembrance the road signs are in high demand and they may not be available.

However, you can hire or even print them from downloadable templates if they are for use in daylight. ‘Streets Alive’ gives advice about this.

If you are looking to close a main highway and a traffic management plan is required, then you will need to contact a local highways contractor, such as Kier or Herts.

Alcohol may be consumed provided that no charge is made.

If you intend to have a pay bar, the council will need to provide you with a Temporary Event Notice For sale of alcohol, provision of regulated entertainment and sale of hot food or hot drink between (11pm and 5am the following day).

Complete an online application.

If an activity will last no more than 168 hours and is for no more than 499 people a Temporary Event Notice must be given otherwise a full premises licence will have to be applied for.

If your street party is a private party for residents and the music is not advertised in advance to attract people, and you are not making money then there is no need for a licence for music.

If it is regulated entertainment then you will need to apply for a Temporary Event Notice.

If the tombola/raffle tickets are sold on the day and the prizes are not worth more than £500 in total it will be exempt from gambling regulations.

However, if tickets are sold in advance of the event, you will need to contact the licencing team. More information is available from the Gambling Commission’s website.

No – as a private party, you do not need a licence.

However you must ensure that any food provided is safe to eat. The Food Standards Agency provides more advice about providing safe food at street parties and other community events.

If you want to sell food, goods or materials at the event, you will need to a street trading consent. Enquire as to whether a Street Trading Consent is required.

Consultation with local residents and businesses is key.

Make sure that you have sent a notice/letter to all residents impacted by the road closure to make them aware of your plans. Particularly important if there are residents who have carers or nurses visiting them throughout the day.

Yes, please clean up after your street party.

It is a good idea to let people know in advance what time the party will finish and have a section set aside for cleaning up.