Bin Orders

You can order new wheelie bins for refuse and recycling, as well as indoor and outdoor caddies for food waste. Please have your payment card ready. For Garden Waste, please go to Garden Waste – Manage my Subscription.

You can also use the form below to arrange for a spare bin to be removed free of charge.

Request an Additional/Replacement Bin

We expect our bins to last 10 years, after which time any damage will be attributed to fair wear and tear. The only exception is the outdoor food waste caddy, which we expect to last 5 years. Indoor food caddies are the responsibility of the resident.

If you believe your bin has been damaged by the collection crew, we will carry out an investigation. Depending on the outcome, we may replace your bin free of charge or you may be asked to pay for a replacement.

To request an investigation, please complete the online form.

Containers available:


  • Standard 240 litre wheeled bin: £58
  • Small 140 litre wheeled bin: £37


  • Standard 240 litre wheeled bin: £58
  • Small 140 litre wheeled bin: £37

Food Waste

  • 23 litre outdoor dark green caddy: £7.50
  • 7 litre indoor siliver caddy: £3.25

Garden Waste

Bins that have gone missing following collection may turn up in a couple of days. We therefore ask that you wait at least 48 hours before requesting a replacement bin.

To reduce the likelihood of your bin being lost or stolen, we suggest that you write your house name or number clearly on your own bin/s.


You may request up to 3 recycling bins per household as part of your regular collection.

Alternatively, clear recycling sacks can be purchased from supermarkets and presented with occasional excess recycling (e.g. around Christmas).


Each household may present one refuse (general waste) bin. Please note, we are unable to collect additional waste at any time.

If you are a large household, have children in nappies, or have medical waste that you need to dispose of regularly, you may qualify for an additional temporary refuse bin. Apply online.

Garden Waste

For additional garden waste bins, please go to Garden Waste – Manage my Subscription

Existing properties

You should already have bins. If you are moving into an existing property without bins, you can request them online.

New build properties

Please check with the property developer as to whether they have ordered bins for your property before requesting them online.

Communal properties

Flats and communal properties are supplied with large bulk refuse bins, recycling bins and food waste bins.

Requests for new or additional bulk bins should be directed to your managing agent or housing association.