The Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan

We are working with Surrey County Council and consultants Atkins to produce a Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan.

The objectives of the plan is to give residents more and better options to cycle and walk around Mole Valley.

This has many knock-on benefits, including:

  • reduced congestion
  • better air quality reducing carbon emissions
  • improving health and wellbeing

The Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan outlines a long-term plan (10+ years) and is focussed on making short journeys more attractive and is intended to assist with practical and commuting trips, rather than leisure trips.

The plan is in two parts.

For the Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan for Mole Valley Stage 1, the plan has considered the whole of Mole Valley and looked at major trip attractors and destinations that people could choose walking and cycling over other transport methods.

Local groups have been involved, workshops have taken place and an online mapping tool for public engagement was used to get residents’ views.

From the Stage 1 work, a shortlist of schemes has emerged which could be taken forward to Stage 2: Detailed Design and Feasibility.

We are now working on how to fund Stage 2 to ensure that plans are not left on the shelf and government funding can be bid for at a later date.