Protected Species Checklist

Proposals for development that will trigger a protected species survey

Species likely to be affected and for which a survey will be required

All agricultural buildings (e.g. farmhouses and barns) particularly of traditional brick or stone construction and/or with exposed wooden beams greater than 20cm thick


Bats, Barn Owls, Breeding Birds

All buildings with weather boarding and/or hanging tiles that are within 200m of woodland and/or water



Pre-1960 detached buildings and structures within 200m of woodland and/or water



Pre-1914 buildings within 400m of woodland and/or water



Pre-1914 buildings with gable ends or slate roofs, regardless of location



All tunnels, mines, kilns, ice-houses, adits, military fortifications, air raid shelters, cellars and similar underground ducts and structures



All bridge structures, aqueducts and viaducts (especially over water and wet ground)



Proposals involving lighting of churches and listed buildings or flood lighting of green space within 50m of woodland, water, field hedgerows or lines of trees with obvious connectivity to woodland or water


Bats, Barn Owls, Breeding Birds

Proposals affecting woodland, or field hedgerows and/or lines of trees with obvious connectivity
to woodland or water bodies


Bats, Breeding Birds, Dormouse, Badgers, Plants

Proposed tree work (felling or lopping) and/or development affecting: old and veteran trees that are older than 100 years; trees with obvious holes, cracks or cavities, trees with a girth greater than 1m at chest height


Bats, Breeding Birds

Proposals affecting gravel pits or quarries and natural cliff faces and rock outcrops with crevices, caves or swallets

Bats, Breeding Birds, Reptiles

Major proposals within 500m of a pond or Minor proposals within 100m of pond


Great Crested Newts

Proposals affecting or within 200m of rivers, streams, canals, lakes, or other aquatic habitats


Bats, Breeding Birds, Water Vole, Amphibians, Plants

Proposals affecting ‘derelict’ land (brownfield sites), allotments and railway land


Breeding Birds, Great Crested Newts, Badger, Reptiles, Amphibians

Proposed development affecting any buildings, structures, feature or locations where protected species are known to be present (Confirmed as present by either a data search (for instance via the local environmental records centre) or as notified to the developer by the local planning authority, and/or by Natural England, the Environment Agency or other nature conservation organisation)


Bats, Barn Owls, Breeding Birds,
Great Crested Newt, Dormouse, Water Vole, Badgers, Reptiles, Amphibians, Plants