Planning and Enforcement Appeals

If we refuse your planning application, impose conditions you think are inappropriate or unreasonable, or fail to make a decision within the time allowed, you have the right to appeal. You also have the right to appeal against an enforcement notice issued by us.

Before you appeal your planning decision, you should look at the reasons why it was refused.

Contact your case officer by emailing or calling 01306 885001.

Making an appeal

If you decide to appeal, you will have to submit your appeal to the Planning Inspectorate within six months of the date on the decision notice, except for householder application appeals, which have a deadline of 12 weeks.

Different rules apply to enforcement appeals.

Appeals should be submitted to the Planning Inspectorate online or by post.

Most appeals are decided by a planning inspector, appointed by The Planning Inspectorate, who oversees the process of an appeal independently of us.

The majority of cases are handled in writing; some are decided by a hearing before an inspector, whilst a few are decided after a public inquiry.

Notifying people during the appeal process

When a valid appeal is received by the Planning Inspectorate, they will ask us to advise consultees and interested parties.

A copy of comments received during the application process, from both neighbours and consultees, will be sent to the Planning Inspectorate.

If objectors wish to make further comments, they should write directly to the Planning Inspectorate, who will send copies to the appellant and us.

The appellant will then have a chance to make comments on the objectors’ letters.

This process does not apply for householder appeals.

For appeals that are to be decided by a hearing or inquiry, we will inform interested parties when and where this will be held, and that they have the right to attend.

The appeal papers submitted by the appellant, along with our written evidence supporting the decision, can be viewed online or at our Pippbrook offices in Dorking.

If there is going to be an inquiry, a site notice will be displayed in a public place on or close to the appeal site telling people about the appeal.

Current appeals and recent appeal decisions

You can view recent weekly lists showing appeals lodged by applicants, and appeal decisions issued by The Planning Inspectorate.


Current Enforcement Appeals

Documents for current enforcement appeals can be viewed below.

Berry Farm Blanks Lane, Ref: 2024/0028/ENF

Brook Willow Farm, Ref: 2020/0126/ENF

Brook Willow Farm Inquiry Recordings