Strategic Leadership Team

We employ officers to give advice, implement decisions and manage the day-to-day delivery of our services under the leadership and direction of councillors.

The chief officers are organised under the title of the Strategic Leadership Team, which is made up of:

  • Chief Executive, Karen Brimacombe
  • Deputy Chief Executive and Executive Head of Service, Piers Mason
  • Five other Executive Heads of Service (EHoS)

Karen Brimacombe

  • Chief Executive

Piers Mason

  • Deputy Chief Executive, Executive Head of Service (Planning and Environment)

Emma Day

  • Executive Head of Service (Prosperity)

Arabella Davies

  • Executive Head of Service (Corporate and Member Services) and Monitoring Officer

Claire Morris

  • Executive Head of Service (Finance and Strategy) and S151 Officer

Rachel O’Reilly

  • Executive Head of Service (Community)

Seonaid Webb

  • Executive Head of Service (Transformation and Partnerships)