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As of October 2023 , we had 296 employees (264.12 full time equivalent employees).

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Senior Leadership team salaries

PostNumberSalary range
Chief Executive1 FTE£ 117,508 – 131,195
Deputy Chief Executive1 FTE£ 95,547 – 108,838
Executive Head of Service/Monitoring Officer1 FTE£ 78,450 – £88,544
Executive Head of Service/Section 151 Officer0.8 FTE£ 78,450 – £88,544
Executive Heads of Service3 FTEs£ 78,450 – £88,544

Gender Pay Gap 2023/24

The figures set out below have been calculated using the standard methodologies used in the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017 with the specified snapshot date of 31st March 2023.

  • The mean gender pay gap for MVDC is 2.9%
  • The median gender pay gap for MVDC is 1.3%
  • The mean gender bonus[1] gap for MVDC is -1.5%
  • The median gender bonus gap for MVDC is 0%
  • More women than men were paid a bonus. For the definition of bonus see section 4.4.1.
  • The proportion of male employees in MVDC receiving a bonus was 1.9% and the proportion of female employees receiving a bonus was 2.9%.

The above figures show that women are paid 2.9%/1.3% less than men as a mean/median respectively, and represent smaller pay gaps than across the economy as a whole.

Historic available data pertaining to neighbouring local government organisations demonstrates a wide range of Gender Pay Gaps – including those higher than the gap for Mole Valley to negative statistics, which means there is a male Gender Pay Gap (where the hourly rate of pay for women, on average, is higher than for men).

The root cause of gender pay gaps is complex as there are many reasons why there are often more senior men than women in the workplace, and it will be directly linked to the type of workforce, which, in turn, will be influenced by the type of work available.

With a small workforce of around 320 people (including contractors and casuals), Mole Valley has outsourced highly manual operations such as waste collection. Councils that retain these services and directly employ manual workers are more likely to pay men on average less than women and therefore have a negative pay gap. By contrast, upper tier authorities providing care services may find a larger female gender pay gap.

The table below depicting pay quartiles by gender, MVDC’s workforce is divided into four equal-sized groups based on hourly pay rates, with Band A including the lowest-paid 25% of employees (the lower quartile) and Band D covering the highest-paid 25% (the upper quartile).

BandProportion of


Proportion of FemalesDescription
A36.1%63.9%Includes all employees whose standard hourly rate places them at or below the lower quartile
B41.8%58.2%Includes all employees whose standard hourly rate places them above the lower quartile but at or below the median
C33.7%66.3%Includes all employees whose standard hourly rate places them above the median but at or below the upper quartile
D48%52%Includes all employees whose standard hourly rate places them above the upper quartile

Data from March 2023 shows the proportion of women in each of the four quartiles is higher than men, with the proportion of women lower in the top quartile.

There is an increasing expectation on employers to offer flexibility so far as possible in order to accommodate different working patterns. This benefits all staff with caring responsibilities and therefore has the capacity to positively influence staff retention and size and quality of applicant pools when seeking to recruit.

The Council is committed to recruiting and retaining the best people, allowing them to flourish so they can perform at their best. To enhance recruitment and retention the Council continues to explore options for flexibility to support quality applicant pools.

Staff development is also considered a useful and active tool to support the recruitment and retention of all employees. Active review of learning and development needs through the Councils Performance Development Review process looks to support both retention and progression to all staff. Learning and development opportunities are available to both men and women based on ability and willingness to learn and progress.

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Pay Policy Statement 2024-25 – Gender Pay Gap Snapshot 0323