We manage ten allotment sites comprising more than 750 full plots.

Most sites now have long waiting lists.

  • £85 (£73 concession*) per annum: full plot
  • £42.50 (£36.50 concession*) per annum: half plot

Apply for an Allotment

Pay for an Allotment

(To pay for an allotment select ‘invoices’, followed by ‘allotment rents’)

*Concessionary rates apply to:

  • 60+
  • Full time students
  • Unemployed

Evidence of eligibility will be required at the start of the tenancy.

Waiting lists

Managed on a ‘first come-first served’ basis.

Please be aware that your name cannot remain on any waiting list once you have taken on a plot tenancy.

You can add your name to a site waiting list.

Given the current high level of demand, plots are generally let as half plots, which is an area of approximately 125 square metres.

Taking on a tenancy

Allotment holders must:

  • Agree to comply with the terms of the tenancy agreement
  • Pay the annual rental charge

Please note only Mole Valley residents are eligible to apply for an allotment.

There are a number of other sites controlled by Parish Councils.

All Mole Valley allotments have mains water provided and some have good parking facilities.

Setting up a Direct Debit

Complete and email a Direct Debit form to

Allotment sites

6 acres to 2.45 hectares

  • 88 plots
  • Location: South side of the main Leatherhead to Ashtead road, adjacent to Ashtead Hospital
  • Steady fall from south to north
  • Some parking space is provided

10 acres to 4 hectares

There are currently plots available at this site.

  • 115 plots
  • Location: Between Barnett Wood Lane to the north (pedestrian access only) and Leatherhead Bypass to the south (small car park)
  • Soil is fine and workable

1.8 acres to 0.7 hectares

  • 22.5 plots
  • Location: South of the main A24 at North Holmwood and run down to the Bents Brook
  • Steady fall from south to north
  • No parking facilities – access is available from the main road
  • Pedestrian access across the stream from the footpath leading off Holmesdale Road

7 acres to 3 hectares

  • 76.5 plots
  • Location: South west of Dorking, immediately adjoining Coldharbour Lane
  • Parking at Coldharbour Lane entrance
  • Pedestrian access from Ridgeway Road
  • Soil is mainly clay and sand mix

6.5 acres to 2.6 hectares

  • 90 plots
  • Location: Eastwick Road – main access has a track which leads up through the middle of the allotments
  • Soil is light, chalky and free draining
  • No sheds

2 acres to 0.8 hectares

  • 25.5 plots
  • Location: Between Highlands Road and Fortyfoot Road
  • Pedestrian and limited vehicle access from both ends
  • Soil is medium to heavy

4.5 acres to 1.8 hectares

  • 44.5 plots
  • Location: Edge of Bookham Common to the west of Bookham Grange Hotel
  • Parking available
  • Soil varies from light at the top to clay lower down

1 acre to 0.4 hectares

  • 14.5 plots
  • Location: Pixham Lane Sports Ground, access from Pixholme Grove
  • Divided into two parts by a public footpath which continues to Lincoln Road
  • No access for vehicles
  • Water provided by one standpipe
  • Soil is heavy

3 acres to 1.3 hectares

  • 76 plots
  • Location: North of Deepdene train station, at the foot of the North Downs, accessible from Ranmore Road, next to St Martin’s School
  • Parking available
  • Soil is clay underneath with a chalky surface
  • No sheds

5 acres to 2 hectare

  • 57.5 plots
  • Location: Off St Paul’s Road West, next to St Paul’s School
  • Limited parking
  • Soil is light and greensand