Houses in Multiple Occupation

A House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) is any residential property that is occupied by three or more people who form two or more households, and who share one or more facility/amenities.

When a HMO requires a licence

A HMO requires a licence if all of the following apply:

  • there are five or more people living in the property
  • there are two or more households living in the property
  • the occupants share one or more of HMO’s facilities/amenities

If you are operating a HMO

If you are a landlord or manager and need to apply for a licence, contact 01306 885001.

Each HMO will require an inspection to ensure it:

  • meets acceptable management standards
  • has adequately sized bedrooms
  • has sufficient amenities
  • has the required fire safety measures

A fee of £772.50 will be payable to obtain a licence, a discount of £50 is applicable for those who are members of a recognised nation landlord’s association.

The following will be required when applying:

  • a valid gas safety certificate for the HMO (where applicable)
  • a valid fire detection commissioning certificate (for new installations) or a valid fire detection servicing certificate (for existing installations) where applicable
  • a valid emergency lighting certificate, where applicable
  • a valid electrical fixed installation certificate
  • a valid energy performance certificate

Even if the HMO does not require a licence you must make us aware as we may need to inspect the HMO to ensure it has adequate fire safety measures.

Applying for a licence

Complete an application form on GOV.UK.

Tacit consent does not apply to these licences as it is in the public interest for us to process your application before it is granted.

If you have concerns regarding disrepair, see repairs to your rented home.