Household Notification Letters – February 2024

Household Notification Letters – February 2024

A letter (known as a Household Notification Letter) has been sent to all households in Mole Valley asking residents to check that the electoral register information for their address is correct.

Police and Crime Commissioner and Local Elections will be taking place in Mole Valley on Thursday 2 May 2024. A UK Parliamentary General election will also be called at some point before the end of January 2025. It is important that the electoral register is as accurate as possible in advance of these polls.

Residents should read the letter carefully and only respond if changes are required. The easiest way to advise us of any changes is to email however, residents can call us on 01306 879198 if they prefer.

Please read below for common changes that we are advised of, and the easiest way to make them:

The easiest way for them to register to vote is online.

This can now be applied for online.

Non-permanent proxy arrangements, such as for one election only, can be applied for online.

Please contact us if you require a permanent proxy voting arrangement.

Please email and include your previous name, your new name, and your address. You should also include evidence of your name change, such as a marriage certificate.