Mole Valley is home to an exceptional variety of assets such as woodlands, listed buildings, recreation grounds, caves, a mausoleum and more! This has become very attractive to filming companies.

Watch our video to gain an insight into our array of locations, perfect for your next feature film or tv show!



 The Deepdene Trail is a vast landscape of scenic greenery found in Dorking. There are endless filming possibilities complete with a hidden grotto, an array of architecture including the magnificent Hope Mausoleum and fantastic walking trails. With unlimited backdrops there’s potential for any genre to be imagined in this location.

Meadowbank Park is a much-loved community park, surrounded by the Surrey Hills and complete with a playground, duck pond, cafe and a family-friendly setting including a soft play. The perfect location for a family film, capturing the community of Dorking.

Brockham Village is a cosy, historic village nestled at the foot of the North Downs, with the River Mole flowing west through the village. Brockham is also accompanied with a picturesque green in the middle and a backdrop of traditional houses and a church. Ideal for a feel-good film!

Dorking Cemetery is a historic cemetery overseeing Box Hill with a traditional gate, two chapels, a lodge and mortuary. It spreads over 14 acres and includes a woodland and Muslim burial areas and lawn cemetery. The eerie setting would be a perfect backdrop for the horror/thriller genre, offering the chance to capture some spooky shots.

Dorking Caves are a network of manmade tunnels beneath Dorking, excavated in the soft sandstone and dating back to at least 17th century. A sense of mystery can be felt throughout the caves as you begin to explore the winding tunnels. It is a perfect location for a creepy setting or an action theme, with lots of secret spots to discover.

Pippbrook House is a Grade II listed building from the 18th century with a regal and inviting exterior as well as a richly decorated interior and painted ceilings. This building has many hidden, derelict rooms, providing a creepy aura. Pippbrook House has been used for filming before when it was featured in Mayday BBC 2013.

The Swan Centre is an open-air shopping centre that enhances the reality of daily life and businesses in Leatherhead. With many shops and restaurants it’s a great place to film to capture realism and the busy lives of people from day-to-day.

Cotmandene is a large open space situated near Dorking town centre. It overlooks the surrey hills and provides a picturesque landscape, perfect for a scenic filming location. With so much space, Cotmandene is ideal for a range of videography.

To film at a MVDC-owned location please email or fill our our form. Parking provision may be available upon request depending on the location. Please note that a licence will be required before filming commences and proof of an adequate public liability insurance will be requested. A risk assessment and method statement may also be requested. Please allow at least 21 days notice to film at a MVDC-owned location.

If you wish to film on a public road or pavement, a licence is required from Surrey Film Office. In all cases you will need the permission of the landowner.