Mole Valley is currently offering a free microchipping service.

A microchip is a tiny implant that is inserted under the skin in the dog’s neck. Each chip will have a unique number when scanned, relating back to a company called Petlog. Petlog store as many contact details as you can provide and will update any changed details.

Microchipping and the Law

The law says that you must have your dog microchipped. The chip details should be in the name of the habitual keeper e.g. where the dog is currently living.

All breeders are responsible for chipping their puppies before they go to new homes. The new owner is then responsible for changing the chip details into their own name. The chip must hold all of the following details to be compliant with the law:

  • name and address of owner or breeder (if kept with the breeder at the time)
  • name of dog
  • current contact telephone numbers
  • sex of dog
  • breed and description of dog
  • age of dog
  • colour of dog

If you move house or change your telephone number you must contact your chip company and update your dog’s details as soon as possible.

Having an out of date chip is still an offence. If your dog is found without a chip or with incorrect details you may end up in court with a fine.