Food Hygiene re-rating Re-visit

Food Hygiene Rating Re-visit Request  –

You can ask for another inspection to change the rating if you were awarded a rating of between 0 and 4 and you have taken action to improve food hygiene standards following your last inspection.


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These are non-statutory hygiene rating re-inspections and a non-refundable fee of £246(VAT exempt) per re-inspection now applies for this service.

When making a request you are required to provide information about the improvements you have made since your initial inspection.

Business owners should be aware that during the re-visit, the officer will be looking at standards overall and not just at the specific areas you have been working to improve. Therefore, the rating may go down as well as up or stay the same.
The rating re-visit will be unannounced and carried out within three months of the request and payment being received.

Although there is not a limit to the number of rating re-visits that can be requested to avoid paying for multiple visits business owners are advised to address all the issues before submitting their request.

You can request a food hygiene rating re-visit without payment to re-assess and possibly improve your hygiene rating. However, apart from very specific circumstances relating to structural defects , three months must have elapsed from the initial  programmed or statutory inspection for the application to be considered, which is known as the “standstill” period. One without payment rating re-visit can be requested per each planned programmed or statutory inspection.

For any further information required prior to making your request please contact Environmental Health