Dog Attacks

If you have been bitten by a dog, or you believe the dog to be dangerously out of control, then contact the police on 101.

For more information on dangerous dogs legislation – including the Dangerous Dog Act 1991, visit the Dangerous Dogs Act legislation website.

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We take dog complaints very seriously in Mole Valley and measures can be taken to ensure that owners are exercising control over their dogs. We have the ability to serve Community protection notices (CPNs) on any owner who’s dog’s behaviour we believe is having a continuing and detrimental effect on the wellbeing of other residents. This could require the owner to stop doing particular things or require the owner to do particular things e.g. keep boundary fences secure, walk the dog on a lead or muzzle.

In order to serve CPN the dog’s behaviour must be persistent and affect more than just one person. We will always work with the owner first by means of a visit and a “come to order” letter advising them of what we suggest to alleviate the problem. If the behaviour continues we may then serve CPN warning notice outlining what must be done and in what time frame. Should this be breached, on sufficient evidence, we can serve a full CPN. Breach of a full CPN is an offence answerable in court.

Please be advised that a dog on human bite is a criminal offence and MUST be reported to the police on 101. Mole Valley have strong partnership working with Surrey Police on dog matters and will always work together to resolve antisocial behaviour with dogs.