Trees in Conservation Areas

If you wish to carry out works on a tree larger than a specific size in a Conservation Area, you must give us six weeks’ notice before starting.

This period of time allows us the opportunity to consider whether the tree(s) should be protected by making a Tree Preservation Order.

You must give us notice if the tree trunk is more than 75mm in diameter (or 100mm if the works are being carried out to improve the growth of other trees), as measured at chest height (1.5m) above any basal flare or stem taper and below any branch union swells.

Maps of conservation areas in Mole Valley can be found on the Conservation Area Maps page or by using ‘My Mole Valley‘.

Before commencing work on any tree, it is strongly recommended that you check the status of the tree

Check the status of the tree

If you need to submit an application to carry out works on a tree in a Conservation Area, you can make an application via the Planning Portal.

Or download an application form and email it to or send it to: Planning Department, MVDC, Pippbrook, Dorking, Surrey RH4 1SJ.

Guidance is available to help filling in the form and providing any required documentary evidence.

No fee is payable when applying for work on trees.

For more information, email