Making changes in your garden can help offset the effects of climate change by: 

  • Providing shade 
  • Helping reduce flooding 
  • Feeding pollinators 
  • Maintaining biodiversity 
  • Absorbing carbon dioxide 

You can help support nature, by: 

  • Keeping existing plants and trees or plant a tree! 
  • Creating a pond 
  • Create a herb garden 
  • Create a hedgehog hole in your fence 
  • Welcome bees with a bee hotel 
  • Volunteer at a local wildlife trust or environmental group – the DO-IT website has plenty of volunteering opportunities 
  • Organise a community litter pick
  • Supporting our Environment Fund in the Mole Valley Community Lottery to help us support climate change actions, such as tree planting 

Mole Valley Rewilds

Rewilding is an approach to conservation which enables land to be restored to a more natural state. The purpose is to achieve wilder, more biodiverse habitats in which nature can take care of itself.  

By leaving sections of your garden to nature, beautiful wildflowers can grow.  

Some great tips on how to grow a wild patch in your garden can be found on The Wildlife Trusts website. 

School Resource Pack

We are encouraging local schools to engage more with nature by dedicating land to re-wilding schemes.  

Our ‘Rewild Mole Valley’ resource pack has plenty of information on useful apps, wider national schemes and guidance on becoming an eco-school. 

Management of parkland in Mole Valley

Our parks team have restored former wood pasture parkland sites at Chart Park and Betchworth Park in Dorking.  

Both sites are of historic importance and are UK priority habitats. The large, ancient trees at these sites suggest a long association with a more open grassland habitat. 

The parks team worked with a local forester to thin the trees to reflect its earlier wood pasture appearance and to allow the grasses and wildflowers to emerge.  

An annual hay cut is carried out to reduce the vigour of the grasses and this has seen an improvement in the species diversity. 

The team is looking introduce grazing at Chart Park, to move towards a more organic and semi natural approach to its management.