Mole Valley Rural Community Strategy

Over 90% of Mole Valley is rural, 36% of the district lies within the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and much of what remains is in the Green Belt.

We have a large rural community, with 26% of the population and 22% of our businesses being situated in the rural area.

In 2017, we adopted the Mole Valley Rural Community Strategy, which was the first step in recognising the issues, opportunities and challenges facing those who live, work and visit our rural areas.

The aim of the strategy is to ensure that we support thriving, inclusive and sustainable rural areas which enhance the prospects for Mole Valley’s rural communities and businesses and preserve the value of the district’s natural assets for future generations

The main aims of the strategy are to:

  • grow a prosperous, sustainable and viable rural economy
  • maintain and strengthen thriving, inclusive, sustainable and resilient rural communities
  • safeguard, protect and enhance the rural environment