Conservation Areas

Each of the 26 Conservation Areas in Mole Valley has its own distinctive character based on the historic street pattern, open spaces, views, changes in level, and the variety and the scale of buildings. You can view the maps at Conservation Area Maps

Before carrying out work to a property, it is important that you know whether it is located in a conservation area and whether alterations are also controlled by an Article 4 Direction.

Article 4 Directions

There are additional planning controls over change or development in parts of the following Conservation Areas:

  • Dorking
  • Brockham
  • Leatherhead

These controls are referred to as an Article 4 Direction, which are designed to protect features that contribute to the special interest of streets within the Conservation Area.

You can view the Article 4 Directions, including descriptions and maps, at Article 4 Directions

Conservation Area Boundaries and Management Plans

We are responsible for designating conservation areas and reviewing their boundaries. They can be viewed at Conservation Area Maps

Appraisals are the basis for making sustainable decisions about the future management of conservation areas, including:

  • measures to maintain or improve the positive character
  • local distinctiveness
  • a sense of place

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Conservation Area Consent

When a property or site is within a designated conservation area, there are additional planning controls that need to be adhered to in order to preserve and enhance the area.

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We are unable to provide conservation and historic building pre-application advice.

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