District Council Elections – 4 May 2023

Results for the District Elections that took place on Thursday 4 May 2023 are as follows:

Ashtead Lanes & Common

Name of CandidateDescriptionNumber of Votes
COOK, DebbieConservative Party Candidate284
GILCHRIST, SusanLabour Party241
HARTWELL, Amanda ElaineLiberal Democrat425
HAWKSWORTH, David LeslieAshtead Independents, working with Ashtead Residents1534 – ELECTED, 1 year
HUNT, ChrisAshtead Independents, working with Ashtead Residents1636 – ELECTED, 4 years
MONCUR, Ross Andrew ComptonLiberal Democrat422
NEWTON, Gavin MansfieldConservative Party Candidate265
SHIMMIN, Philippa RuthLiberal Democrat488
WILTSHIRE, PatriciaAshtead Independents, working with Ashtead Residents1553 – ELECTED, 3 years
Number of ballot papers rejected4

Ashtead Park

Name of CandidateDescriptionNumber of Votes
BROWN, Patricia AnnGreen Party264
COOPER, MaryAshtead Independents, working with Ashtead Residents1242 – ELECTED, 4 years
CRESSY, Andrew JamesLiberal Democrat200
CUTLER, KaterynaConservative Party Candidate269
EAGLE, SteveLabour Party136
HARPER, David JamesIndependent535
MACLEOD, Veronica JoyceLiberal Democrat245
PATEL, RajIndependent706
SEVENOAKS, GerryAshtead Independents, working with Ashtead Residents970 – ELECTED, 1 year
SMITH, Andrew Vincent RobertConservative Party Candidate253
SMITH, GregGreen Party118
STANSFIELD, Garry Andrew GrahamAshtead Independents, working with Ashtead Residents1140 – ELECTED, 3 years
WAUGH, Jolanta MariaLiberal Democrats215
WRAY, Matthew JamesConservative Party Candidate236
Number of ballot papers rejected3

Bookham East & Eastwick Park

Name of CandidateDescriptionNumber of Votes
CHAMBERS, Sarah JaneThe Conservative Party Candidate994
DALY, ElizabethLiberal Democrat1577 – ELECTED, 4 years
KENNEDY, Paul GilbertLiberal Democrat1568 – ELECTED, 3 years
MANSFIELD, BillLabour Party80
MATTHEWS, Andrew HaroldLiberal Democrat1467 – ELECTED 1 year
MORRISH, Patrick HumphreyThe Conservative Party Candidate800
STEWART, Emily JoyceGreen Party176
SWINBANK, RichardThe Conservative Party Candidate834
Number of ballot papers rejected4

Bookham West

Name of CandidateDescriptionNumber of Votes
ADAMS, Roger MartinLiberal Democrat1390 – ELECTED, 3 years
CRACKNELL, TobyThe Conservative Party Candidate725
MILLER, Christine MaryLiberal Democrat1256 – ELECTED, 1 year
MOYSE, Richard JamesThe Conservative Party Candidate664
SUGGETT, Eugene Arthur MichaelGreen Party268
WELLER, Monica JosephineLiberal Democrat1408 – ELECTED, 4 years
ZHAROVA-BERBNER, DinaThe Conservative Party Candidate564
Number of ballot papers rejected13

Brockham, Betchworth, Buckland, Box Hill & Headley

Name of CandidateDescriptionNumber of Votes
BUDD, Simon RobertThe Conservative Party Candidate1139 – ELECTED, 3 years
GREEN, PennyGreen Party285
HUMPHREY, Noel EdwardLabour Party168
KEAY, Paula HelenLiberal Democrat1089 – ELECTED 1 year
KESSEIRI AUSTIN, RadiaThe Conservative Party Candidate645
NELSON, Bradley LukeLiberal Democrat868
POTTER, Paul JamesLiberal Democrat1217 – ELECTED 4 years
TILEY, Celia GeorginaThe Conservative Party Candidate576
Number of ballot papers rejected9

Capel, Leigh, Newdigate & Charlwood

Name of CandidateDescriptionNumber of Votes
ABBOTT, RogerGreen Party438
BALDWIN, TomThe Conservative Party Candidate620
BUSHNELL, Lesley JeanLiberal Democrat894 – ELECTED, 4 years
FARRAR-ASTROP, JoLiberal Democrat810 – ELECTED, 3 years
HOLLIS, KenGreen Party409
LOACH, Alcia NatalieLiberal Democrat720 – ELECTED, 1 year
NASSKAU, Laurence PaulLabour and Co-Operative Party64
OSBORNE-PATTERSON, Corinna AmandaThe Conservative Party Candidate698
SAUNDERS, Mark StephenThe Conservative Party Candidate619
SCOTT, Lisa ClaireGreen Party604
Number of ballot papers rejected7

Dorking North

Name of CandidateDescriptionNumber of Votes
CROOK, ChrisGreen Party778
CUDE, PeterThe Conservative Party Candidate264
DRAPER, David JohnLiberal Democrat1207 – ELECTED, 3 years
FOULSTON, Michael John HirdThe Conservative Party Candidate316
FROST, Stephen CharlesThe Conservative Party Candidate257
MANSFIELD, Clare MaryLabour Party339
ROSAM, ElsieLiberal Democrat1082 – ELECTED, 1 year
SMITH, PatGreen Party642
WATSON, Hazel Valerie AnnLiberal Democrat1301 – ELECTED, 4 years
WESTON HOLLAND, SarahGreen Party627
Number of ballot papers rejected10

Dorking South

Name of CandidateDescriptionNumber of Votes
BARFORD, Lucy JaneGreen Party395
BOLTON, Gerard MartinGreen Party368
COOKSEY, Margaret AnneLiberal Democrat1301 – ELECTED, 4 years
COOKSEY, Stephen JohnLiberal Democrat1219 – ELECTED, 3 years
CROOK, IsabellaGreen Party445
GUNN, BeccyThe Conservative Party Candidate386
JONES, Roger Edwin RiseleyThe Conservative Party Candidate413
SHARPE, Lucinda Claire ElizabethThe Conservative Party Candidate384
WRIGHT, NickLiberal Democrat1185 – ELECTED, 1 year
Number of ballot papers rejected12


Name of CandidateDescriptionNumber of Votes
AUSTIN, Paul MichaelThe Conservative Party Candidate755
CHAMBERS, SimonThe Conservative Party Candidate853
CREBER, DanGreen Party159
CROOK, Janet HelenGreen Party219
HAMMOND, PhilLiberal Democrat1402 – ELECTED, 3 years
HAQUE, RajLiberal Democrat1426 – ELECTED, 4 years
HEATH, BeatriceLabour Party151
JOSEPH, Caroline VictoriaLiberal Democrat1311 – ELECTED, 1 year
MCCORQUODALE, David Norman BerkeleyThe Conservative Party Candidate617
Number of ballot papers rejected6

Holmwoods & Beare Green

Name of CandidateDescriptionNumber of Votes
AUCKLAND, Emily AnneGreen Party198
BOTTING, Lucy Vanora HeideeThe Conservative Party Candidate546
CASE, Fiona LouiseGreen Party162
FOSTER, Christine MaryLabour Party158
HOBBS, Rosemary MargaretLiberal Democrat979 – ELECTED, 4 years
MALCOMSON, Claire PhilomenaLiberal Democrat879 – ELECTED, 3 years
MARUZIVA, LeslieThe Conservative Party Candidate607
MIR, David KarimThe Conservative Party Candidate524
ROCHE, John FrancisGreen Party224
WELLMAN, Clayton JohnLiberal Democrat782 – ELECTED, 1 year
Number of ballot papers rejected13

Leatherhead North

Name of CandidateDescriptionNumber of
ALI, MushudThe Conservative Party Candidate302
GIBBS, AaronThe Conservative Party Candidate368
GIBBS, Alan WilliamThe Conservative Party Candidate330
STEWART, Sally JaneGreen Party267
VYVYAN-ROBINSON, Keira RowenaLiberal Democrat689 – ELECTED, 4 years
WALL, BenLiberal Democrat661 – ELECTED, 3 years
WEAR, BenjaminLiberal Democrat624 – ELECTED, 1 year
Number of ballot papers rejected2

Leatherhead South

Name of CandidateDescriptionNumber of Votes
AWCOCK, Melissa JaneGreen Party301
CHAMBERS, James HenryThe Conservative Party Candidate831 – ELECTED, 1 year
CLARK, AnnLabour and Co-operative Party207
ELCOCK-HASKINS, Henry PeterThe Conservative Party Candidate754
KENDRICK, Bridget MaryLiberal Democrats960 – ELECTED, 4 years
O’SHEA, NickLiberal Democrats700
PARSONS, Gareth JohnLiberal Democrats779
SHERRING, JoGreen Party151
SLATER, Joanna AlisonThe Conservative Party Candidate852 – ELECTED, 3 years
Number of ballot papers rejected12

Mickleham, Westcott & Okewood

Name of CandidateDescriptionNumber of
BUDLEIGH, ChrisLiberal Democrat1180 – ELECTED, 4 years
HEBBERD, Michael David OliverThe Conservative Party Candidate769
IRVINE, Duncan CampbellThe Conservative Party Candidate703
MAGESH, AbhiramLiberal Democrat1108 – ELECTED, 3 years
MURSALEEN-PLANK, Leah RoseLiberal Democrat1106 – ELECTED, 1 year
MUSGRAVE, Gavin Timothy CharlesThe Conservative Party Candidate684
POKE, James John LawrenceGreen Party372
SZACHNO-HODGKINSON, David LeonardGreen Party260
Number of ballot papers rejected19

Voter ID

The data shows that 99.6% of electors voting in Mole Valley polling stations brought photo ID that met newly introduced voter ID requirements.

There were 67,713 electors across the district who were eligible to vote on 4 May, of these, 18,332 electors voted at our 59 polling stations.

The figures also show while 204 electors were initially turned away, 122 returned and were able to vote.

The overall voter turnout at these elections was 41.8%.