Constituency Parliamentary Election Results: 04 July 2024

Results for the Constituency Parliamentary Election for Dorking and Horley on 04 July 2024 are as follows:

BURRELL, Nadia LauraLabour Party4,053
COGHLAN, ChrisLiberal Democrat20,921 (Elected)
HEATH, Marisa NatalieThe Conservative Party Candidate15,530
SCOTT, Lisa ClaireGreen Party2,563
YOUNG, Craig AlexanderReform UK6,898
Number of ballot papers rejected168

Ashtead and Leatherhead residents who voted in the Epsom & Ewell parliamentary constituency can find these results on Epsom & Ewell Borough Council’s website

Voter ID

The data shows that 99.9% of electors voting in the Dorking and Horley constituency brought photographic identification that met voter ID requirements.

There were 71645 electors who were eligible to vote on 4 July 2024 and the overall voter turnout was 70%.

The figures also show that while 99 electors who applied for a ballot paper were initially turned away because they did not met voter ID requirements, 61 returned with an acceptable form of ID and were able to vote.