Developing the Council Strategy

In the spring of 2023 a ‘Mole Valley Information Pack’ was compiled to help inform the development of the next Council Strategy. This, alongside feedback received ‘on the doorstep’ during election campaigning by Councillors and ‘on the job’ by staff, provided the context for Staff and Member workshops held in July 2023.

Key themes were identified, and a number of commitments developed, which fed into the development of a draft Council Strategy during the summer of 2023.

In the autumn of 2023 the draft Council Strategy was the subject of a six-week public consultation, which posed the question ‘Have we got it right?’. Interested parties were invited to feedback on the draft Council Strategy by way of a survey, which was available online and in hard copy form. A shortened version of the survey was also created for use in local schools, to enable the views of Mole Valley’s youth to be captured via our Youth Forum.

Hundreds of answers and comments were received, which influenced the development of the resulting Council Strategy 2024-28 . The Council Strategy was formally adopted by Members on 20th February 2024, having been through the Scrutiny and Cabinet approval processes.

The Council Strategy is effective from 1st April 2024 until 31st March 2028.