Community Safety Priorities and Action Plan 2023/24

Mole Valley Community Safety Partnership – developing our priorities in the context of the Surrey wide strategy.

The primary aim of the Surrey Community Safety Agreement (CSA) is to set out how the responsible authorities will work together to identify and address shared priorities in relation to reducing crime and disorder.

It is a statutory document that is a requirement for two tier authorities such as Surrey under Section 17 of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 (as amended by the Police and Justice Act 2006).

It is also a requirement in such two-tier local authority areas, that there is a County Strategy Group in order to bring together all district, borough and relevant partners responsible for community safety activity.

The Health and Wellbeing Board performs this function.

The Community Safety vision for Surrey:

  1. Protect our most vulnerable from exploitation
  2. Protect our communities from harm
  3. Empower communities to feel safe

Within those priorities are a number of key areas of focus.

The tables below link those with the strategies that underpin them where developed, the mechanism for delivering those strategies and the existing links from Community Safety Partnerships to those areas of work.

By mapping these out, the Mole Valley Community Safety Partnership (MVCSP) can assure itself that it is linked into those pan-Surrey work streams and therefore can concentrate on developing local priorities where it can add value.

1. Protect the vulnerable

Key area of focusCouncil Strategy in placeStrategic OversightDelivery mechanismMVCSP link
Child ExploitationExploited and Missing
Child Strategic Action
Surrey Safeguarding
Children’s Board
Surrey Exploited and Missing Children Oversight GroupSurrey Exploited and Missing Children Oversight Group

SE Risk Management Meetings

County lines & Serious ViolenceSerious Youth ViolenceSerious Youth
Violence Board
Serious Youth
Violence Task and
Finish Group
FraudSerious and Organised Crime PartnershipSOC/JAG
Human Trafficking & Modern SlaveryHuman Trafficking and
Modern Slavery
Strategy and Delivery
Action Plan
Serious and Organised
Crime Partnership
Surrey Antislavery
Domestic Abuse (DA)DA StrategyDA Executive and
Management Group
Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC)Domestic Abuse Related Death Reviews

Sanctuary Scheme

Prevent & ChannelPrevent Executive
Group and Delivery
Partners contribute to
Channel Panels as
Channel Panel

2. Protect communities from harm

3. Empowering communities to feel safe

Timely, consistent and effective communication to communities of the work that is done across all partnership agencies

Delivery mechanisms for Surrey’s Community Safety priorities

The Surrey-wide governance structure and the district and borough CSPs contribution within it.

Mole Valley Community Safety Partnership Local Priorities 2023/2024

Serious Violence Duty

PriorityProposed Lead Agency / GroupActionsOutcomes
Domestic AbuseSurrey Police
Mole Valley District Council
To refer to Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC), Housing, Adult and Children’s Services

To support Sanctuary scheme

To reduce the risk to victims and children of domestic abuse.
Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG)Surrey Police
Mole Valley District CouncilJoint Action Group
(JAG)The public
To tackle Violence Against Women and Girls both from strangers and through domestic abuse

Use Safer Streets Data to review locations of concern

Promote safeguarding campaigns such as Ask for Angela

Circulation of media campaigns to challenge public perception and encourage the challenging of poor behaviour

Summer 2022 – Ask for Angela introduced in main licensed premises in Mole Valley – Police and MVDC

June 2022 – an alley in Leatherhead was assessed and discussed during JAG following concerns about lighting and fear of crime

Other local priorities

PriorityProposed Lead Agency / GroupActionsOutcomes
Rural CrimeSurrey PoliceTo support the Rural Crime Team’s initiatives to tackle issues including livestock worrying, theft and poaching

To work with local communities on rural crime issues

To increase sense of safety for rural communities
EnvirocrimeMole Valley District CouncilTo investigate and enforce incidents of envirocrime including fly-tipping, littering and abandoned vehicles consistently and robustly

To work with Surrey Environment Partnership (SEP) on wider operations

Improvement in the environment

Reduction in level of offences from prolific offenders

Anti-social behaviourCommunity Harm
and Risk
Meeting (CHaRMM)
Joint Action Group
To tackle prolific perpetrators of ASB

To address impact of ASB on vulnerable victims and communities

To use a multi-agency approach using appropriate enforcement and intervention

To reduce levels of ASB from prolific perpetrators

To reduce levels of ASB in most affected locations

To increase sense of safety for affected people and communities