Fixed Penalty Notices

We are committed to tackling environmental anti-social behaviour (ASB) such as fly tipping, littering, fly-posting, dog-fouling and vehicle abandonment, as well as community ASB and will use a range of powers and resources to take action.

Fines, or Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) are an effective way of punishing those individuals and organisations which behave in an anti-social manner without going through a court process, unless they commit a similar offence on more than one occasion.

To ensure the FPNs are issued fairly and consistently, see our FPN Enforcement Policy on the Plans, Policies and Strategies page.

Contesting an FPN

There is no formal appeal procedure for contesting an FPN.

The opportunity to challenge the allegation and plead not guilty to the alleged offence is by the way of prosecution, on summons, and trial in a Magistrates’ Court.

The recipient of an FPN may however wish to plead mitigation or contest the basis on which it was issued. More information can be found in our FPN Enforcement Policy.

Paying an FPN

Fixed Penalty Notices can be paid through our online payment system. Please include the number on the notice in the ‘Comments / Site Address’ field.

For more information or related queries, email