Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

CCTV cameras are located in Dorking, Leatherhead, Bookham and Ashtead, providing community safety for residents and visitors, as well as helping to reduce crime.

CCTV cameras and their locations

AshteadAshtead Rail StationKT21 2DR
AshteadCraddocks ParadeKT21 1QL
AshteadThe Leg of Mutton AshteadKT21 1AZ
AshteadAshtead Rec. Youth Club – (skate ramps)KT21 2DA
AshteadAshtead Rec. Youth Club – (skate ramps)KT21 2DA
BookhamBookham High Street – (Guildford Road)KT23 4AG
BookhamBookham High Street – (faces North)KT23 4AG
BookhamBookham High Street – (Towards Royal Oak)KT23 4AG
DorkingHigh Street opposite Dominos PizzaRH4 1RY
DorkingPost Office, High StreetRH4 1SA
DorkingHigh Street opposite BootsRH4 1AW
DorkingPump CornerRH4 2EL
DorkingWaitrose, South StreetRH4 1AY
DorkingMirch Mahal, South StreetRH4 2EW
DorkingWestcott Road opposite Vincent LaneRH4 3DX
DorkingWest Street Car Park entranceRH4 1QH
DorkingLondon Road A24 Railway BridgeRH4 1AH
DorkingDorking Halls, Reigate RoadRH4 1SG
DorkingHigh Street opposite Halifax BankRH4 1RU
DorkingWhite Horse, High StreetRH4 1BE
DorkingQueens Head, South StreetRH4 2JS
DorkingStar Pub, West StreetRH4 1BU
DorkingBurford Bridge – (Roundabout)RH5 6BX
DorkingMeadowbank Pavilion – Camera 1 (rooftop pole mounted)RH4 1DX
DorkingMeadowbank Pavilion – (East Wall)RH4 1DX
DorkingMeadowbank Pavilion – (North Wall)RH4 1DX
DorkingMeadowbank Pavilion – (South Wall)RH4 1DX
DorkingMeadowbank Pavilion – (Compound)RH4 1DX
DorkingSt Martin’s Walk Car park – (Exterior)RH4 1DX
DorkingSt Martin’s Walk Car park – (Level 1)RH4 1DX
DorkingSt Martin’s Walk Car park – (Level 2)RH4 1DX
DorkingSt Martin’s Walk Car park – (Level 3)RH4 1DX
DorkingMeadowbank Rec – (PTZ Stadium)RH4 1DX
DorkingMeadowbank Rec – (PTZ Pavilion)RH4 1DX
DorkingMeadowbank Rec – (Pavilion Fixed)RH4 1DX
DorkingMeadowbank Rec – (Stadium Fixed)RH4 1DX
LeatherheadNorth Street j/w Bull HillKT22 7AT
LeatherheadLeret Way opposite Swan CentreKT22 8AH
LeatherheadHigh Street j/w Crescent & Epsom RoadKT22 8AH
LeatherheadChurch StreetKT22 8DW
LeatherheadHigh Street on Natwest BankKT22 8BT
LeatherheadHigh Street on More NewsagentsKT22 7AW
LeatherheadKings Head alley, High StreetKT22 8AE
LeatherheadHigh Street on Piazza FirenzeKT22 8AG
LeatherheadBridge StreetKT22 8BN
LeatherheadStation Road Car ParkKT22 7SW
LeatherheadKingston Road – (One Stop)KT22 7PB
LeatherheadKingston Road Rec – (Youth Centre)KT22 7RB
LeatherheadKingston Road – (B&Q Roundabout)KT22 QD
LeatherheadLeatherhead Railway Footpath – (South)KT22 7SQ
LeatherheadLeatherhead Railway Footpath – (North)KT22 7SQ

There is currently a temporary arrangement in place for the way that recorded CCTV data is stored. Unfortunately, Mole Valley District Council is not able to accept applications to review CCTV footage. CCTV footage will only be reviewed by Surrey Police, at their discretion, as part of a criminal investigation.

Code of practice and CCTV policy statement

The system is operated in accordance with all requirements and principles of the Human Rights Act 1998 and the General Data Protection Regulation 2018.

The public interest in Mole Valley’s CCTV is protected by a comprehensive code of practice. 

A clear audit trail of practices and procedures ensures that the system stands up to scrutiny, both in terms of the evidence gathered and the activities of its users, owners and operators.

See our CCTV Code of Practice and CCTV Policy Statement documents here.