Chairman of MVDC

On 23 May 2023, Councillor Patricia Wiltshire was elected as Chairman of the Council for the municipal year 2023-24.

The Chairman of Mole Valley District Council is a civic role and is similar to a Mayor in that the Chairman is the first representative of the district.

The Vice-Chairman of the Council for 2023-2024 is Councillor Elizabeth Daly.

The role is ceremonial and the Chairman has no decision-making powers unlike the role of an elected Mayor, which exists in some parts of the UK.

Following her election as Chairman, Councillor Wiltshire said,

“I am honoured to have been elected as Chairman of Mole Valley District Council in May 2023, and welcome the opportunity of representing Mole Valley to the administrations and people of all other Districts, Boroughs, and Counties. I will work with all Officers and Members towards the best outcomes for our District and its people.

“Mole Valley is a gem in the crown of Surrey, particularly because it is where there are so many wonderfully biodiverse habitats that are globally rare and, sadly, becoming rarer. The welfare of our people is of very great importance, but we must also ensure the well-being of our woodlands, grasslands, heathlands, rivers, and streams, as well as our trees, hedges, and fields. We are merely their custodians and must do all we can to protect them so that they will continue to exist and be a pleasure and restorative for future generations.

“My chosen charity for the year is the Wildlife Aid Foundation in Leatherhead. It provides a haven and protection for so many injured and sick wild animals that are taken to them by worried and concerned people. I do hope that everyone will join in any fund-raising activities for the charity.

“I will work very hard for Mole Valley in the coming year and look forward to meeting many of our residents and promoting their interests.”

If you are planning an event and would like the Chairman to attend, please send an invitation (via Pippbrook) or contact the Civic Support Staff.