Problems Paying

If you are having difficulty paying your Council Tax, please contact us to discuss payment options.

You can pay in instalments if you prefer.

If you are having difficulties paying your Council Tax and you have received any of the following, please email

  • summons
  • 14 day letter
  • or if your account is with the Enforcement Agency

Recovery Action

If you have received a summons for non-payment of Council Tax and you wish to make a payment please be aware of the following:

If there are debts for multiple financial years and a payment is made which does not match the instalment amount for the current year, payments will be allocated to the earliest outstanding debt. This could mean that your payment is not allocated to the debt you are trying to clear.

Once a debt has gone to court the amount owed needs to be paid in a single instalment. If you need to make multiple payments or would like to clear a debt over a period of time, please contact us on 01306 879293 first.  We can then discuss the option of making a formal Arrangement with you to clear the outstanding Balance with regular weekly or monthly instalments which are agreeable by both parties . This will ensure that any payments that you make are allocated to the correct debt in line with the agreement made.

See what discounts and reductions are available.

If you are on a low income, you may be eligible for Council Tax Support.

If you are also having difficulty paying other bills, you may wish to consider seeking independent advice regarding your finances:

If you are having difficulties with your water bills help may be available through the Water Support Scheme.