You can challenge your Council Tax band if you think it’s wrong, but you should continue to pay your Council Tax bill while you do this.

An appeal can be made by:

  • a liable person
  • anyone with a superior interest in the property (normally the owner)
  • billing authority.

The right of appeal exists for six months from one of the following:

  • the property being entered on the local authority banding list
  • a change of ownership or the start date of a long lease
  • a material change in circumstance which detrimentally affects the value of the property

The Valuation Office Agency can check your Council Tax band.

Appeals against the inclusion or exclusion of a property in the Valuation List or the actual band applied to a property should be made online through GOV.UK.

Appeals against other matters, such as being wrongly named on the bill, or the amount of the bill being incorrect, must initially be made in writing to

Where agreement cannot be reached in either of the above situations, the matter may be referred to a Valuation Tribunal to decide the outcome.