Safe and Secure Grant

The Safe and Secure Grant (SSG) is a grant provided by us to help older or disabled people, who are on lower incomes to get handy person type work done to their home to improve safety, promote independence and prevent hospitalisation or assist with discharge from hospital.

It will pay for up to £3,000 worth of eligible work.

It is not an entitlement to £3,000 worth of any work, it is for works that are required and meet the scheme eligibility criteria only.

The work is delivered by our contracted handy person service, provided by Millbrook Healthcare Ltd.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for SSG you must be a Mole Valley resident who is:

  • A disabled adult or child i.e. registered or registerable disabled. This will include those with a disability, chronic illness, mental health condition or sensory impairment, which restricts their functioning on a day-to-day basis;


  • Be aged over 60


  • be on an income or disability related benefit. These are:
    • Income support
    • Tax credits – Working and/or Child (with a maximum income of £15,050 per annuum, as assessed by HMRC for that award)
    • Housing benefit
    • Universal Credit
    • Guarantee pension credit
    • Job Seeker’s Allowance
    • Employment and Support Allowance
    • Attendance Allowance
    • Personal Independence Payment
    • Disability Living Allowance
    • Council Tax support/reduction

Can a client have more than one SSG?

Yes, it may be possible to receive more than one SSG, up to a total value of £3,000 per household.

Ideally, the handy person will assess the clients needs and identify all eligible works, so that all in scope requirements can be met in one grant application, but it is recognised that a clients needs may change and further works become necessary.

In this case, a further application may be possible.

A person may not submit more than one application in any 12 month period.

Any application will be considered on its own merits and will be subject to eligibility and available funds.

What can it be used for?

It can be used for work that can be provided through our handy person service:

  • to prevent falls or accidents within the home, or
  • to promote independence, or
  • assist hospital discharges, such as essential repairs, minor adaptations and moving of furniture to allow room for medical equipment etc
  • to install window locks or suitable and secure front door and lock to improve security

SSG can only be used for work where something in the home is physically done/installed/repaired.

This can cover moving of furniture to allow room for medical equipment, e.g. where this is required for discharge from hospital.

What can’t it cover?

It cannot be used to fund cleaning or clearance services (this is because of the rules about spending the money, set by government).

It will not cover gardening or landscaping.

Outdoor works that are required to prevent falls and accidents might include repairs to paths or paving, or the installation of hand or grab rails, external lighting etc.

How do I apply?

Call Millbrook Healthcare on 0330 1243758 and they will confirm if SSG is available for you and the work you require.

What will happen then?

Millbrook Healthcare will take details of the grant applicant and the works required over the phone onto an application form.

They will then arrange for the handy person to visit and complete the work.

This may require an initial visit to check out the scope of the works to allow materials etc to be obtained, followed by a visit to complete the project either by the handy person or by a contractor arranged by them.

You will be asked to sign the application form and to show proof of your benefit entitlement to the handy person when they visit.

They will also need to take a photograph of the signed form.

When the work is completed to your satisfaction, Millbrook will send an invoice to us, for all costs and materials, plus the signed application form and copy of benefit entitlement.

We will pay invoice directly to Millbrook.

If a SSG can’t cover the works I need or I am not eligible, what else could I try?

Handy person service

if you are not eligible for SSG, you may still wish to use our subsidised handy person service, provided by Millbrook Healthcare Ltd. This provides minor repairs, improvements and adaptations to the home and garden, for elderly (over 60 years) or disabled clients.

Handy person services are charged at an hourly rate of £29.50 plus VAT, plus the cost of any materials used.

The handy person is fully trained, experienced and DBS checked, and can also offer advice on home safety and security options.

Call Millbrook on 0330 1243758 to book the service.

Action Surrey

Action Surrey may be able to provide advice or in some cases grant funding towards energy efficiency measures for homeowners and private tenants – more information and contact details.

Referral to Adult Social Care

If it appears to the handy person that you need a lot more help or an adaptation than the SSG can cover, they may suggest a referral to Adult Social Care is made.

This might result in assessment by the occupational therapy team if it is thought that more extensive works are needed and might be appropriate for a Disabled Facilities Grant.

This would only be with your agreement.