Organising an event on Mole Valley District Council land

If you are organising an event on land owned and managed by us, you will need to seek permission in advance.

For some public events we deem it necessary to address potential risks to public safety and environmental impact. The Mole Valley Safety Advisory Group (SAG) provides support and guidance to organisers of events meeting the SAG threshold because of their size, level of risk or unusual nature. More information is available here.

An application form to hold an event on council owned land is available to download here.

For smaller events, with an expected attendance somewhere between 50 and 1000 people, we ask that organisers complete and submit an Event Application Form in the first instance. Organisers will also be asked to provide a risk assessment and evidence of their public liability insurance. Please contact for an Event Application Form.


Whatever the size of the event, there is a charge for use of council land. This depends on the nature of the event, but will always include a small administration fee. We also generally ask for a security deposit in case of damage to the land; taking into consideration what the event entails.

Waste and Recycling

It is possible to arrange for waste and recycling to be collected after an event. Please email for more information.

Event organisers should be aware that there may be a charge for the collection of waste depending on the nature of the event.

Food and Drink

If there will be any food or drink outlets at the event, organisers should contact the Environmental Health team.

We advise that organisers read the Open Spaces Events and Lettings Policy for further details.