Mole Valley Youth Forum

Aimed at 11-18 year old’s, predominantly online and via surveys. We will work to identify suitable council projects and/or consultations that can be used to engage with young people who live or go to school/college in Mole Valley to help give them a voice, understand and influence our decisions.

Purpose of the Youth Forum

  • Young people can give their opinions and help shape how Mole Valley delivers its services and how the future will look
  • To represent and give young people a voice in Mole Valley
  • For us to hear the opinion of young people on pending decisions, projects and consultations
  • To help us better understand young people’s views
  • To give young people an insight into the type and wide variety of work we carry out
  • To build stronger working relationships with schools, youth clubs, parents and young people in Mole Valley

To keep up to date and to engage with our content please follow us on our social pages, we would love to hear from you:

As both social media platforms are not available for those aged under 13, we will get their opinion through contacting teachers via schools and student councils, youth groups, scout groups, parents and more.