Business Rates Information (FOI)

We publish this Business Rates information quarterly. The current information is for April 2024 and this information will next be updated in July 2024.

Full caseload

  • Property reference. Used by the Valuation Office Agency of HMRC
  • Property address
  • Property description
  • Current Rateable Value as at 1st April 2024
  • Amount of supplement included in the annual charge
  • Whether small business rate relief applies (Y/N)
  • Whether mandatory or discretionary relief applies (Y/N)
  • The percentage of mandatory or discretionary relief
  • Whether Rural Rate Relief applies (Y/N)
  • Ratepayer’s name, where they are not an individual or individuals
  • Ratepayer’s correspondence address where they are not an individual or individuals

New liabilities

  • All ratepayers registered for Business Rates in last 3 months

Credits (most recent)

  • NDR credits
  • NDC credits written on (where ratepayer is not contactable to refund)


Ratepayer names and correspondence addresses are provided where the account is not in anyone’s name.  Data Protection prevents the publication of individual names.

Information on whether or not a property is empty is not provided as this could lead to crime associated with squatting and vandalism.

The ratepayer is the person liable to pay the charge. In many cases this is a leaseholder and not an owner.

Account references are not included as these are personal to the account, we use them to ensure that a ratepayer is actually the account holder when they contact us

FOI requests have been received for mandatory and discretionary rate relief start dates.

The start date is not a separate item of information on our records, and so is unavailable. However where an organisation has charitable status, relief will normally start from the later of either the date that they gained that status, or the date that they became liable for business rates.

Additional information

Registered offices for companies can be found at Companies House

Ownership details can be found on the Land Registry website.

NR Credits April 2024  (XLSX 133KB)NR Full Info April 2024  (XLSX 686KB)NR New liabilities April 2024  (XLSX 36KB)NR Writeons April 2024  (XLSX 169KB)NR Credits April 2024 CSV  (CSV 485KB)NR Full Info April 2024 CSV  (CSV 2MB)NR New liabilities April 2024 CSV  (CSV 75KB)NR Writeons April 2024 CSV  (CSV 524KB)