Our values

We Listen

  • We always put ourselves in our customers’ shoes 

  • We will always take the time to listen actively and to explain our reasoning for the decisions we make 

  • If we have to make difficult decisions, we do so having considered all the issues

We Trust

  • We trust each other to do the right thing, acting with integrity and for the right reasons at all times 

  • We work hard to build the trust of our customers and partners 

  • We trust ourselves to innovate and continually improve the way we work

We Lead

  • We take pride in what we do 

  • We take ownership for all that we do 

  • We are ambitious for Mole Valley and ensuring the best for our residents and communities 

We Care

  • Many of the decisions we make affect peoples’ lives. We remember this in everything we do 

  • We care about our customers and each other and we care about Mole Valley 

  • We are passionate about ensuring the best for our residents and communities

We Respect

  • We are all different. We all matter 

  • Even if we do not agree with each other, we respect our different opinions 

  • We value our relationships and treat each other as we would want to be treated