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Application Details
Variance of Conditions Major
Land at the junction of Middle Street and Wellhouse Lane, Brockham
Variation of condition 2 of approved planning permission MO/2019/1060 for the construction of 17 affordable dwellings (comprising of 12 social rent homes and 5 discount market sales homes) with associated access, parking and landscaping, to allow changes to the mix and layout of the 5 discount market sales homes, changes to the route of the proposed footpath along Middle Street to within the site exiting through the existing entrance off Wellhouse Lane and changes to the temporary construction access off Wellhouse Lane from the south east corner of the site to where the cycle path exits the site. Variation of condition 3 so that the requirement for prior approval does not relate to the entire site but is split into two.
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30-Jun-2021  * Not applicable for certain types of application, including Tree Applications.
Decision made      13-Jul-2021      APPROVED WITH CONDITIONS
Betchworth Within 20m of Brockham Parish
Brockham, Betchworth & Buckland

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Conditions/Reasons For Refusal

Type Short Desc
Condition Time limit - S73 applications
Condition Plan Numbers
Condition External materials to be submitted for approval
Condition External materials to be submitted for approval
Condition Hard surfacing - details to be submitted for approval
Condition Bin storage to be provided
Condition Restrictions on extensions of dwellings
Condition Restrictions on extension of dwellings (windows, roof lights and dormer windows)
Condition Ecological Condition
Condition Landscaping - approved scheme to be implemented
Condition Archaeology
Condition Highways 1
Condition Highways 2
Condition Highways 3
Condition Highways 4
Condition Highways 6
Condition Highways 7
Condition Highways 8
Condition Highways 9
Condition Drainage
Condition Drainage verification
Condition Sustainability
Condition Landscaping - landscape management plan to be submitted
Reason Highways 1
Reason Highways 2
Reason Highways 3
Reason Highways 4
Reason Highways 5
Reason Thames Water 1
Reason Thames Water 2
Reason Flooding 1
Reason Flooding 2
Reason Informative regarding Hazel Dormouse Survey (Aug 2019)