Planning Application - Details

Application Details
Detailed Major
Land at Langley Vale, South of Downs Road and East of Headley Road, Headley, Epsom, Surrey, KT18 6DL
Joint hybrid application for the creation of a permanent car park, overflow car park, cycle parking, new access to Headley Road, gates, height restrictor, ticket machine, CCTV, hard surfaced paths, multi-user paths and memorial area, including sculptures (Full Application). Erection of visitors' centre and play space, including play equipment, (Outline Application) and associated infrastructure for use in relation to Langley Vale Wood - Centenary Woodland for England. (Part of application site in Mole Valley District Council area).
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14-Jan-2019  * Not applicable for certain types of application, including Tree Applications.
Decision made      11-Jun-2019      APPROVED WITH CONDITIONS
Ashtead (Unparished)
Ashtead Park Within 20m of Ashtead Park Ward

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Publicity Details


Conditions/Reasons For Refusal

Type Short Desc
Condition Time Limit - Detailed
Condition Plan Numbers
Condition access
Condition provision of horse crossing
Condition parking and turning
Condition Event Management Plan
Condition Car Park Management Plan
Condition CTMP
Condition provision for sustainable modes
Condition electric vehicle charging points
Reason land edged blue
Reason design standards for the new access shall accord with County Highway requirements
Reason permission required from CHA for any proposed signage on highway
Reason no obstruction on public highway
Reason Section 278 required for any works to highway
Reason closure of temporary access
Reason damage to highway
Reason deferral of agreement re surface course material and edge restraint for access
Reason footpaths and bridleways must not be obstructed
Reason other associated/necessary works to highway
Reason programme of utility works
Reason connections to electricity
Condition contamination (EA condition)
Condition drainage
Condition archaeology - site management plan
Condition Landscaping - details to be submitted
Condition Landscaping - landscape management plan to be submitted
Condition Boundary Treatments - details to be submitted
Condition Hard surfacing - details to be submitted for approval
Condition Lighting restriction
Reason Provision of Utilities to Dev Sites
Reason Presence of Bats
Reason Fees - Request for the Confirmation of Compliance with Conditions
Condition CEMP
Condition Grampian condition - no commencement until pp granted by other two LPAs
Condition Details of signage and CCTV cameras etc
Condition detailed plans showing proximity of paths to field boundaries
Condition further badger survey
Condition badger sett protection
Condition drainage
Reason permission not granted for artilley sculpture
Reason applicant to engage with CHA re signage during construction
Condition signage in car park recommending routes from the site