Support for Ukraine

The Leader’s statement on the Ukraine crisis

Councillor Stephen Cooksey, Leader of Mole Valley District Council, said: “We strongly condemn the unprovoked and appalling actions of Russian forces this past week. The people of Ukraine and anyone who lives in Mole Valley with family or friends who are still either in, or have been displaced from the country, should know that they are in the thoughts of myself, Members and staff of this council.”

Read the statement in full here

UK Government’s response to Russian invasion of Ukraine

The UK and its international partners condemn the Russian government’s unprovoked and premeditated war against Ukraine

The UK government is providing a range of economic, humanitarian and defensive military assistance to Ukraine. It is also imposing sanctions on Russia and its ally, Belarus. More information is available on the GOV.UK website.

British citizens are advised not to travel to Ukraine, Russia or Belarus. British nationals should leave Ukraine immediately if it is safe to do so and any person settled in the UK can bring over immediate family from Ukraine.

Mole Valley District Council continues to look at contracts and suppliers to ensure that there are no links with Russia.

What to do if you wish to help

British nationals who want to support the people of Ukraine are being urged to ‘give safely’ by using registered, regulated and established charities with experience of responding to disasters.

The best way to ensure a charity is genuine and your money is being used effectively is to check its name and registration number before giving any financial information, responding to emails or clicking on links sent to you. If in any doubt, ask the charity for more information.

More information around donating is available on the GOV.UK website. A suggested route to ‘give safely’ to a number of charities providing humanitarian aid is also available.

The government has committed to establishing a 'humanitarian sponsorship pathway' whereby people from Ukraine, who may not have family in the UK, can be sponsored to come to this country by individuals, businesses or community organisations. More information is available on the GOV.UK website.

Applied to host Ukrainian refugees?

To date (7 April), around 40 Mole Valley households have applied to host over 100 refugees. We will be arranging to visit hosts to carry out the necessary safeguarding checks in the coming weeks and work towards distributing government funding to help guest families to rebuild their lives and integrate into local communities.

The UK's Community Sponsorship learning hub, Reset, has released a sponsor toolkit available to anyone welcoming Ukrainian refugees through the Homes for Ukraine programme. The toolkit provides ideas and ways you can support those who arrive, and will be followed by further training and support