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We are running a consultation to better understand our residents’ priorities for improvements in their local communities.

This is your opportunity to tell us where and how funds received from developers, called the Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy - or ‘Neighbourhood Fund’ as we’re naming it – should be invested in the future.

The current funding pot available totals just under £1 million, which, for example, could pay for eight pedestrian crossings, or forty pieces of public art, or 3000 trees or benches.

Please tell us the three most important priority areas for money to be spent where you live. We want to know.

The deadline for responses had been until the end of August, however we are pleased to be extending it to Friday 30 September 2022.


When developers create new homes or retail space in Mole Valley, they usually pay a levy to us. That money is available to be spent on projects (usually referred to as ‘infrastructure’) that help address the demands additional development can bring on local areas and communities.

They are one and the same. We have renamed ‘NCIL’ as ‘Neighbourhood Fund’, simply because it is shorter and more descriptive.

Projects must involve delivering infrastructure which benefits the local community; either by providing new infrastructure or repairing/maintaining existing infrastructure. Projects must be deliverable and represent value for money, not to mention they also need to be supported by the local community.

A project could include anything from the renovation of a community centre, installing a bus shelter, or building a new playground, to adding clear road signage, improving road drainage or putting in pedestrian crossing.

Anyone can come up with a suggestion for spending on new or existing infrastructure. Be that an individual person or a community group. There is no limit on how much funding can be bid for on an individual project, though the amount bid for will need to be appropriate for the type and scale of course.

We want to revamp the Neighbourhood Fund and better understand what the priorities are in your local area. Stage One in this process sees us run a short public consultation to ask you to identify what you think the three most important priorities where you live are. It shouldn’t take more than two minutes to complete. Have your say by Friday 30 September 2022.

Neighbourhood Fund survey ›


We will provide more information about the next steps in the Neighbourhood Fund process - including having application forms and bidding guidance on our website - later in the year.