Council Strategy 2019 – 2024


A place where a beautiful environment, enterprise and opportunity combine, creating a vibrant place to live, work, and enjoy

Guiding Principles

Putting People First

Ensuring a people focussed culture in our organisation to provide the best possible experience and services for our residents, businesses, and visitors.

Openness and Accessibility

Listening to and engaging with people, and giving clear, timely and transparent information that enables residents, businesses, and visitors to help themselves, while still providing support for those who need it.

Acting Sustainably

Meeting the needs of the present without compromising future generations requires responsible decision- making and innovation.

Living within our means

Be mindful of current and future costs in our approach to delivering and developing services.


Together with our local communities and partners we will:

Community Wellbeing

Active communities and support for those who need it

Promote opportunities for residents of all ages to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives

Foster community spirit, encouraging individuals, families and communities to support each other especially in times of particular need

Support individuals and families by taking all reasonable steps to prevent them from becoming homeless, seeking to minimise disruption to education and employment

Encourage participation in sports, leisure, cultural and educational activities, to promote responsible enjoyment of our parks, open spaces, heritage and countryside

Tackle environmental and community anti-social behaviour by working with partners to deliver education andeffective enforcement

Represent the interests of Mole Valley residents by:

a) actively pursuing the effective provision of Health and Social Care services and

b) encouraging the devolution of services from the County Council where it is in the best interests of residents, businesses and visitors


A highly attractive area with housing that meets local need

Protect and enhance the natural and built environment, and ensure our areas of natural beauty and wildlife are well looked-after

Promote sustainable development that takes into account social, economic and environmental factors, including protection of the Green Belt

Encourage the creation of affordable housing to meet local needs and explore innovative methods of delivery

Encourage and support residents and businesses to reduce the amount of waste that is produced and facilitate the recycling and reuse of materials

Work with other agencies to lessen the impact of environmental pollution, paying particular attentionto air quality and flooding

Work towards making MVDC and our contractors carbon neutral


A vibrant local economy with thriving towns and villages

Work towards making Mole Valley a prime business location with improved infrastructure to attract and retain creative, entrepreneurial and innovative talent

Continue to drive the transformation of Leatherhead Town Centre and promote the character, culture and economy of Dorking

Work with rural communities and businesses to enhance their strengths and address their challenges, helping them thrive and become more sustainable

Promote Mole Valley as a place for people to spend their leisure time and support local businesses to maximise opportunities from recreation and tourism