Leatherhead Leisure Centre Skate Park Refurb

Following the well-received improvements to the skate park facilities at Kingston Road Recreation Ground in Leatherhead, Mole Valley District Council (MVDC) has turned its attention to the outdated skate park at Leatherhead Leisure Centre.

The project

The 12-year old skate park equipment at the leisure centre is coming to the end of its life and is in need of modernising.

To better understand what existing and prospective users of the skate park want from the new-look facilities in terms of the look, feel and layout, MVDC held a first stage public consultation in July 2019. Local residents and users of skate parks were invited to get involved and tell us what aspect/s of the existing facilities worked well, what doesn't and to suggest anything they would like to see in the finished development when it opens.

What happens next?

Over 100 people got involved in the first stage of consultation, the feedback from which helped inform a design brief which was sent out to specialist companies. Six designs have now been received back and we are inviting you to choose your top three from the designs listed below as part of this, the final opportunity to have your say.

How to I get involved?

Take a look at each of the designs available below and make note of your favourite three, and how you rank them in order of preference. You will be asked to rank them when you complete the consultation, in addition to offering you the opportunity to leave your comments about how you would like to see your favourite design improved. Have your say before the consultation closes on Monday 2 December.

Share your views here

Design 1

  • Reinforced sprayed concrete construction
  • Existing half pipe and shelter left in place
  • 1. Flatbank; 2. Quarterpipe; 3. Camel Bumps; 4. Hubba; 5. Driveway; 6. Jump Box; 7. Roof Top Driveway; 8. Volcano; 9. Rollover; 10. Quarterpipe mini ramp

Design 2

  • Reinforced sprayed concrete construction
  • Existing half pipe and shelter left in place
  • 1. Quarterpipe; 2. Extended Quarterpipe; 3. Raised Platform; 4. Hubba; 5. Handrail; 6. Wallie Grind Block; 7. Roll Over; 8. Quarterpipe; 9. China Bank; 10. Roof Top Driveway; 11. Wallie Hubba; 12. Quarter to Bank Hip; 13. Jump Box; 14. Flatbank with Curb; 15. Quarterpipe

Design 3

  • Heavy duty steel frame. Riding surface 6mm steel sheet, internally clad with plywood
  • Existing half pipe and shelter left in place
  • Roll in Ramp; Quarter Pipe x2; Kicker Ramp; Flat Bank; Fun Box; Handbox Rail; Roller Ramp; Grindrail Box; Spine Ramp; Drop Grind Rail; Piano Key

Design 4

  • Heavy duty steel frame. Riding surface Skatelite pro, with Marine ply under-surface
  • All existing ramps removed, including half pipe. Shelter left in place

Design 5

  • Reinforced sprayed concrete construction
  • Existing half pipe and shelter left in place
  • Quarter Pipe; Roll-over; Tombstone Extension; Spine; Quarter Pipe / Wallride; A Frame Driveway with Hollow Hubba Ledges; Quarter Pipe; Hollow Grind Ledge

Design 6

  • Steel framework and 4mm steel plate riding surface
  • Existing half pipe and shelter in place
Last Updated: 05/11/2019

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