Personalisation and Prevention Partnership Fund

The five year Personalisation and Prevention Partnership (PPP) Fund programme for small projects or services that support older and vulnerable adults in your community will come to an end this year.

Final bids need to be received by the end of December 2016 so there is still time to apply. The fund was established by Surrey County Council's Adult Social Care service.

Bids are managed by individual District and Borough Councils.

Examples of projects or services which have been funded by PPP across Surrey include:

  • 'Try before you buy' activities in Social and Wellbeing Centres and transport to them
  • befriending services
  • rapid response handyman scheme directly related to hospital discharge
  • extra care services at social centres to allow respite for carers
  • activities specifically for carers

Further information about the fund and bidding criteria can be found in 'Downloads'.

Last Updated: 16/09/2016

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