Resident On-Street Permit Scheme

These permits are only available to purchase for residents of the addresses listed.

To qualify for an On-Street Parking Permit

  1. Your usual place of residence must be on one of the addresses listed in the table below. If you do not regularly live at the property then you do not qualify for a permit irrespective of your interests in the property; and
  2. Your vehicle must be registered to the address for which you are applying

Please note that Blue Badge Holders can park in the permit zones as long as they display their Blue Badge.

Documents you will need for all Resident On-Street Parking Permit application and renewals

  1. Proof of Residency.

    Acceptable documents include:
    • A recent utility bill, bank statement or payslip no more than three months old (electricity, gas, landline phone, water bill)
    • Benefit Award Statement, Tenancy Agreement or letter from your Landlord confirming your tenancy
  2. Proof that you are the registered keeper of the vehicle.

    Acceptable documents include:
    • The vehicle registration document (V5) showing your name and permit address
    • A letter on headed paper from your employer stating the vehicle details, registration and that you have full time use of this company vehicle at the permit address
    • A copy of the vehicle lease/hire agreement showing your name, permit address and vehicle details
    • An insurance policy schedule showing your name, permit address and vehicle details

Photocopies and online downloads of the above will be accepted.


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Resident On-Street Parking Permit Terms and Conditions


Town Location Zone
Ashtead Albert Road, Gaywood Road, Grove Road, Hatfield Road, 1 - 8 Park Walk N

Rothes Road, Wathen Road, Hart Road, Hart Gardens, Ansell Road, 1-5 Ansell Lane, Flats 1-4 Kian Court, Jubliee Terrace, 31 - 36 Mill Lane and 2 Lonsdale Road

  Fairfield Drive A

Glebe Road 1 - 39 (Odds only including 15A)

2 -22 (Evens only)

1-36 Sondes Farm

  Lincoln Road (Not Vista House) D
  Myrtle Road E
  Meadowbrook Road H
  Spital Heath L
  Swan Mill Gardens M2
  Curtis Gardens, 1 - 3 Station Road U

Howard Road, Arundel Road, 29 - 31 West Street

1 and 36 Mount Street

Leatherhead Gravel Hill B
  Leach Grove 2-28 (Evens Only) W

15-29 Linden Road (Odds Only), 18A and 18B, Walnut Tree Cottage, Corner Cottage, Glenholme Cottage

1-4 Pavillion Terrace 

1-2 Swanton Cottages

1-4 Nightingale Terrace

22 Fairfield Road 


Highlands Road 1 - 75 (Odds only including 59A, 59B and 73A)

2 - 56 (Evens only including 54A and 54B)

1 - 4 Highlands Mews

1 Highlands Close 

  Oaks Close C
  Kingscroft Road F1
  St Johns Road F2
  Minchin Close M
  Poplar Road P
  Queen Anne's Terrace, 13 Linden Road  Q
  Nos. 46 - 68 (even numbers) Upper Fairfield Road R
  1 - 4 Mansion Alley Cottages, 1 and 2 Long Cottages, 25, 43, 45, 47, 51, 53, 78 Church Street, 1 The Priory, Wattle Cottages and Lawrence Weaver House S
  8,10 ,12,14,16,18, Dundela, Tara Epsom Road T

Povey Cross Road

1 to 25 Forge Place (inclusive)

17a Forge Place




Resident Permits are valid for 12 months from the month of purchase at a cost of £50 for the first permit and £75 for subsequent permits.

You are also eligible for twelve books of Visitor Permits per financial year (1 April to 31 March) at a cost of £20 per book of 10 permits.

For more information email