Dorking Car Parks and Charges

Car Parks

St Martin's Walk

Location: RH4 1DX View Map

Long spaces: 239
Short spaces: 137
30 minute free bays: 3
Disabled bays: 14
Parent and toddler bays: 8
Motorcycle bays: 3
RingGo: 5632 (short stay) 5643 (long stay)

Please note, that St Martin’s Walk car park is undergoing a major refurbishment at the moment, and the works will last until June 2023. To minimise disruption, the work will be split across four phases and two-thirds of the car park will remain open at any one time.

The car park Permit Holders can park in both short and long-term bays for the duration of the works. Parking permits will also be valid in all MVDC long-term car parks in Dorking.


Reigate Road

Location: RH4 1SD View Map

Long and short stay spaces: 210
30 minute free bays: 4
Disabled bays: 8
Parent and toddler bays: 4
Motorcycle bays: 1
RingGo: 5631


Location: RH4 1AE View Map

Long and short stay spaces: 148
30 minute free bays: 8 including 1 parent and toddler bay (following the refurbishment, these have moved to the top end of the car park, in line with the Pay & Display machine)
Disabled bays: 5
Parent and toddler bays: 3
Motorcycle bays: 1 
Bicycle hoop for 12 bicycles
RingGo: 5628

High Street (Wathen Road)

Location: RH4 1YA View Map

Long and short stay spaces: 97
30 minute free bays: 5
Disabled bays: 4
Motorcycle bays: 1
RingGo: 5626

West Street

Location: RH4 1DG View Map

Short stay spaces: 28
30 minute free bays: 3
Disabled bays: 1
Motorcycle bays: 1
RingGo: 5630

Junction Road

Location: RH4 1QL View Map

Long and short stay spaces: 28
Disabled bays: 1
RingGo: 5634

South Street

Location: RH4 2JX View Map

Long and short stay spaces: 26
30 minute free bays: 2
Disabled bays: 1
Motorcycle bays: 1
RingGo: 5629

Church Street

Location: RH4 1BT View Map

Long and short stay spaces: 31
RingGo: 5633

Dene Street

Location: RH4 2DP View Map

Long and short stay spaces: 26
Motorcycle bays: 1
RingGo: 5625

North Street

Location: RH4 1DE View Map

Short stay spaces: 16
Disabled bays: 1
Motorcycle bays: 1
RingGo: 5627

Pippbrook (Saturday only)

Location: RH4 1SJ View Map

Long and short stay spaces: 115
Disabled bays: 3
Motorcycle bays: 1
RingGo: N/A

Short stay car parks are limited to three hours. There is no limit for long stay parking, as long as the correct amount is paid at the time of parking.


Charges at each car park apply from 8am - 6pm, Monday to Saturday. Sundays and Bank Holidays are free.

You can pay for your parking by phone, app or online, using your credit or debit card with RingGo. Coins are still accepted at our payment machines. Please note the minimum charge is 60 minutes, after this each 30 minute increment will be charge at £0.55

1 hour - £1.10
2 hours - £2.20
3 hours - £3.30
4 hours - £4.40
5 hours - £5.50
6 hours - £6.60
7 hours - £7.70
8 hours - £8.80
9 hours - £9.90
10 hours - £11

Car parking tickets purchased in any of the MVDC owned car parks are valid and transferable to all car parks in that town or village. E.g. a valid two hour ticket purchased in Ashtead Peace Memorial, could also be used in Grove Road car park.

30-minute free bays

The selected 'free for 30 minute' bays are marked out in green and require a special 30-minute ticket to be displayed. They will be patrolled regularly to reduce overstaying.

  • Parking in these bays will always require a 30 minutes ticket, which must be clearly displayed in the vehicle
  • 30 minutes tickets can only be used in the designated spaces. They cannot be used and will not be valid in any other car park spaces
  • Overstaying will not be tolerated as these spaces are being provided to ensure that as many people as possible can benefit from 'popping to the shops'
  • The 30 minute ticket will only be valid for the car park in which it is purchased and there is no return permitted within one hour

The Blue Badge scheme is for drivers or passengers with severe mobility problems and allows them to park on-street or in MVDC car parks close to where they need to go free of charge.

A blue badge may be used in a disabled parking bay. More details of where you can park is explained in the GOV.UK Blue Badge rights and responsibilities booklet.

Information on how to apply or renew a Blue Badge can be found on Surrey County Council's website.

Residents who are temporarily disabled, for example awaiting a hip replacement, can apply for a Temporary Disability Permit for a small fee, entitling them to park in MVDC owned car parks free of charge.

Park Mark

Two car parks in Dorking have been awarded Park Mark status. Park Mark is a national scheme developed by the Association of Chief Police Officers which aims to reduce both crime and fear of crime. It also confirms that the car parks are properly managed and maintained.

Car parks are assessed by the police to confirm that they meet these standards. Reigate Road and Pippbrook car parks have both achieved Park Mark status, and MVDC hopes that more will achieve this standard.

Please note, facilities for motorhomes are not provided for in any of MVDC's car parks.