Safety and Training

Discover local training provision, learn how to look after your bike and be aware of cycle safety campaigns.


Surrey County Council offers cycle training across the Surrey area. It is a provider of Bikeability, the national programme for cycle training. Visit the Travel SMART website for more information and contacts. 


Drive SMART is a partnership between Surrey Police and Surrey County Council with the aim of reducing road casualties, tackling anti-social driving and making the county's roads safer. Out of this has emerged Cycle SMART, a campaign aimed at increasing awareness and cooperation between cyclists and motorists. 

Bike Registering

Bike Register is a Police-approved national cycle database aimed at identifying stolen bikes and assisting in their recovery. Basic registration is free of charge.

Bike Maintenance

Don't know your tyre tubes from your valves? Travel SMART's website offers simple tips on how to maintain your bike and increase confidence. Mole Valley also has a wealth of cycling shops for you to buy your tools, kit and accessories, some of which can be found on the Mole Valley Cycling Forum website

Codes of Conduct

We expect all road and path users within the Mole Valley area to act considerately and conscientiously at all time. 

Certain rules of the Highway Code are targeted specifically at cyclists, some of which are laws. Make sure you know which parts of the Highway Code apply to you when on your bike. 

The Surrey Hills AONB has also published a code of conduct for mountain bikers. This encourages them to enjoy cycling safely whilst protecting the environment and showing consideration for those around them (see 'Downloads'). 

The British Horse Society, in association with British Cycling has produced a code of conduct for horse riders and cyclists. This encourages equestrians and cyclists to co-exist harmonisiously and safely when riding in close proximity (see 'Downloads').