Mole Valley District Council (MVDC) manages 10 allotment sites comprising more than 750 full plots.

Most sites now have long waiting lists.

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Mole Valley District Council (MVDC) manages ten allotment sites comprising more than 750 full plots. Most sites now have long waiting lists.

Fees from 1 April 2021

  • £84 (£72 concession*) per annum: full plot
  • £42 (£36 concession*) per annum: half plot


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*Concessionary rates apply to all persons over 60 years of age, full time students and the unemployed. Evidence of eligibility will be required at the start of the tenancy.

Waiting List Management

Waiting lists are managed on a 'first come-first served' basis. Waiting times are difficult to predict and can vary considerably between sites. Please be aware that your name cannot remain on any waiting list once you have taken on a plot tenancy.

The estates management team look at the need for new allotment space in the district. If funds have been allocated for acquisition this is indicated, otherwise MVDC will look to provide land as and when opportunities become available.

You can add your name to a site waiting list. Given the current high level of demand, plots are generally let as half plots, which is an area of approximately 125 square metres.

To take on a tenancy, allotment holders must agree to comply with the terms of MVDC's tenancy agreement and the payment of an annual rental. Please note only MVDC residents are eligible to apply for an allotment.

There are a number of other sites controlled by Parish Councils. Please apply to your local Parish Clerk.

Allotment Sites

Allotments, which provide the opportunity for fresh air and exercise, are a valuable resource for those interested in growing fruit, vegetables and flowers. The sites in Mole Valley vary considerably in size and character. All Mole Valley allotments have mains water provided and some have good parking facilities.

Ashtead Allotments, Ashtead (6 acres to 2.45 hectares)

There are 88 plots at this site which are situated on the south side of the main Leatherhead to Ashtead road, adjacent to Ashtead Hospital. The allotments have a steady fall from south to north, and the soil is free draining and chalky. They are served by a central access road and some parking space is provided. 

Barnett Wood Lane Allotments, Leatherhead (10 acres to 4 hectares)

There are around 115 plots at this site which is situated between Barnett Wood Lane to the north (pedestrian access only), and Leatherhead Bypass Road to the South where a small car park is located.  The soil is fine and workable.  There are currently plots available at this site.

Bentsbrook Allotments, North Holmwood (1.8 acres to 0.7 hectares)

The Bentsbrook Allotments are located to the south of the main A24 at North Holmwood and run down to the Bents Brook. The site is on a south facing slope and despite there being no parking facilities at this site, there is access for vehicles from the main road. There is also pedestrian access across the stream from the footpath leading off Holmesdale Road. The soil is clay and there are 22.5 plots here.

Coldharbour Lane Allotments, Dorking (7 acres to 3 hectares)

These allotments are situated to the south west of Dorking, immediately adjoining Coldharbour Lane. There is a car park at the Coldharbour Lane entrance and also pedestrian access from Ridgeway Road. There are 76.5 plots at this site and the soil is mainly of a clay and sand mix.

Eastwick Allotments, Great Bookham (6.5 acres to 2.6 hectares)

The Eastwick Allotments are situated in Eastwick Road and readily accessible from the whole of Great Bookham. The main access is from Keswick Road where a track leads up through the middle of the allotments. The soil is light, chalky and free draining, in contrast to many of the gardens in the surrounding area. This allotment site contains 90 plots. No sheds can be erected at this site.

Highlands Road Allotments, Leatherhead (2 acres to 0.8 hectares)

This site is located between Highlands Road and Fortyfoot Road, with pedestrian and limited vehicle access from both ends. This small site is readily accessible from the south side of Leatherhead. There are 25.5 plots and the soil is medium to heavy.

Little Bookham Allotments, Little Bookham (4.5 acres to 1.8 hectares)

These allotments are the newest and perhaps the most secluded in the district, located on the edge of Bookham Common to the west of Bookham Grange Hotel. Parking is available on site and the soil varies from light at the top to clay lower down. There are 44.5 plots at this site.

Pixholme Grove Allotments, Dorking (1 acre to 0.4 hectares)

This small site of 14.5 plots adjoins the Pixham Lane Sports Ground and is reached from Pixholme Grove. The allotments are divided into two parts by a public footpath which continues on to Lincoln Road. There is no access for vehicles. Water is provided by one standpipe on each part of the site and the soil is heavy.

Ranmore Road Allotments, Dorking (3 acres to 1.3 hectares)

The Ranmore Road allotments are situated immediately to the north of the Guildford to Redhill railway line, just beyond Dorking Town Station at the foot of the North Downs. The 76 plots at the site are reached by an access track from Ranmore Road immediately beside St Martins School. This tranquil site re-opened in December 2009 and is situated in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. There is good parking provision and the soil is clay underneath with a chalky surface. No sheds can be erected at this site.

St Paul's Road Allotments, Dorking (5 acres to 2 hectares)

This site is on an elevated position just to the south of Dorking and is reached by a track leading off St Paul's Road West, immediately adjoining St Paul's School. The allotments are located on the northern slope of the hill immediately below the Glory Wood and have a light, greensand soil. There is only very limited parking at these allotments. The site contains 57.5 plots.