Dorking and Leatherhead Town Centres Public Spaces Protection Orders

Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) regulating the consumption of alcohol have been in place in Dorking and Leatherhead Town Centres since October 2017. 

Although it is not an offence to drink alcohol in Dorking or Leatherhead town centre, it is an offence to fail to comply with a request by an authorised officer to stop drinking or surrender alcohol. PDF copies of the PSPOs are available (see 'Downloads').

PSPO Extension 2020

The Leatherhead and Dorking Town Centre PSPOs reached the end of their initial three year term on 20 October 2020. 

Two separate consultations for the Leatherhead Town Centre and Dorking Town Centre PSPOs ran for a six week period between Friday 31 July - Friday 11 September. Thank you to everyone that took part in the consultations.  

It was proposed to vary the Leatherhead Town Centre PSPO to include Red House Grounds and a further stretch of the Riverside Walk, if this was supported by the results of the consultation. The conditions of the Dorking Town Centre PSPO were not proposed to change. 

89% of respondents were in favour of continuing the Dorking PSPO, and 93% were in favour of continuing the Leatherhead PSPO for another three years as an effective preventative measure particularly for lower level anti-social behaviour. 84% supported the inclusion of Red House Grounds in the Leatherhead PSPO. Consultees including the Poilce, Swan Centre Management and a County Councillor also requested that a further area, King George V Memorial Garden, be included. However there was no evidence of anti-social drinking taking place in the further stretch of Riverside Walk. 

As a result of the consultations, new Dorking and Leatherhead PSPOs have therefore been made which will remain in force for the next three years until 19th October 2023. In addition the area covered by the Leatherhead PSPO has been expanded to cover Red House Grounds and King George V Memorial Garden, 

For more information about PSPOs, please call the Community Safety and Enforcement team on 01306 885001 or email

Dorking Town Centre PSPO Map


Leatherhead Town Centre PSPO Map

Leatherhead Town Centre PSPO Map