Cotmandene Public Spaces Protection Order

Cotmandene is located to the south of the High Street in Dorking town centre with access from Moores Road, Dene Street and Chart Lane.

MVDC consulted with local residents and users of Cotmandene in over a four week period in 2019 on a proposed Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) to help prevent instances of anti-social parking and dog fouling.

69% of respondents to the consultation saw anti-social parking on Cotmandene as a problem, with 58% believing that regulating parking with a PSPO would have a positive impact. While 39% of respondents did not consider that dog fouling was a problem at Cotmandene, 52% believed a PSPO would have a positive effect in better controlling this nuisance.

A PSPO was introduced on 13th January 2020, with the following measures as indicated on the map.

  • Parking on the grass and verges is not permitted in the area coloured blue
  • Dog fouling is not permitted in the area outlined in red

The parking restrictions of the PSPO do not include roads. Double yellow lines and parking restrictions will be enforced in the normal way, and any changes to these remain the responsibility of Surrey County Council. Obstructive parking on the pavements remains the responsibility of Surrey Police.

Requesting a Temporary Exemption

There may be exceptional circumstances which necessitate access or parking on the areas marked in blue on the map. In these cases, a formal request must be made in writing no later than 28 days in advance to, outlining the reasons. If permission in writing is not given, and there is no other reasonable excuse for failing to comply with the PSPO, then the breach will be enforced in the normal way.

The full Cotmandene PSPO is available (see 'Downloads').  Breach of the PSPO will be enforced by the issuing of a fixed penalty notice or formal prosecution.

For more information about PSPOs, please call the Community Safety and Enforcement team on 01306 885001 or email

Map of Cotmandene